Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Assignments come in many different forms, e.g., some are fairly short while others are long and perhaps highly-complex. For example, your tutor may give you an assignment comprised of 10 or 10+ pages and they may ask you to use single-spacing throughout. Or they may ask you to write this same assignment but in double-spacing, in which case it might amount to 20 pages or 20+ pages. Assignments like these can be difficult to manage but if you get them written and delivered to you in individual parts, your task will be greatly simplified and a lot more manageable. This is something can help you with.        

Why Progressive Delivery is Often More Advantageous

  • Because orders are delivered in separate parts as each part is written, it becomes quite easy to monitor, track, and manage them. Moreover, it gives the recipient adequate time to review the sections as they receive them – and approve or mark out areas for revision – prior to the final moment when they must turn them in.      
  • You may be certain your paper will be crafted by the most skillful writers in our team and checked by our top editors.
  • This method is more flexible and gives you 30 days to send us your revision requests, which we offer free-of-charge with every single order. However, you only get 2 days of free revision time with our standard service). 
  • Once orders are placed with our company, we immediately identify a suitable member from our management team to manage the progress of that order through its lifecycle. Essentially, this manager is your personal helper and they will ensure that all two-way contact with your writer is timely and effective and that you are left completely satisfied with the end product.   ​

Delivery of orders – method and timings*:

  • 4 days or less = the deadline provided to 25% of order completed promptly and dispatched to customer when 50% of agreed time is reached on the original deadline. For example, you ask us to write 20 pages of text in 2 days. Using the above formula, we complete 5 pages by the time 50% of the allowed time is reached and dispatch this draft to you.              
  • 5-11 days = the deadline provided to 25 and 50% of order completed and dispatched to customer when the same amounts of deadline time is reached – 25 and 50%.         
  • 12 days or 12+days = the deadline provided to 25, 50, and 75% of order completed and dispatched to customer when the same amounts of deadline time is reached – 25, 50, and 75%.   

You can calculate the cost of this service by adding the indicated fee to your order price – i.e. additional fee of +15%.

  • At all times, our agents will be pleased to help you find the best ways for delivering your order. So, should you not find the above method entirely suitable, you can discuss the matter with the manager taking care of your order and he/she will work with you until a mutually-satisfactory method is found.     

Additional Services – More Options for Smaller Orders

The services described below are designed for customers with smaller orders i.e. 19 pages or less:  

Would You Benefit From More Revision Time?

Availing of an “extended revision” from means you increase the time permitted for requesting complimentary revisions from 2 to 14 days. Please take note that all customers are entitled to no-cost revisions provided they comply the rules pertaining to standard revision requests, which must be received by our company within 48-hour of order delivery.


While this service is beneficial for anyone who has been instructed by a tutor or professor to submit updates/progress reports (at agreed intervals) on various projects assigned to them, it is suitable for any type of customer. Our concise 1 page summaries are designed to present the reader with the most important information from a given text.      

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There are two types of 1-page drafts available from These are:

  • 300-word drafts in double-spaced text
  • 600-word drafts in single-spaced text.

We can provide whichever version suits your assignment when your deadline gets to 50% of expired time i.e. when half the allowed time has been reached.