Why People are Shy?

Why are people shy?

All people are different. They can be divided depending on their skin color, religion, nationality, and other. We want to focus on two categories according to our temperament. There are sensitive or shy and non-sensitive people. Today, we are going to speak about the first group. Is it their decision or biological predisposition to be shy? Recent researches inform that about 20% of people have got sensory perception, which is a predisposition to be self-consciousness.

Introvert personality

These people are vulnerable and become friends hard, but they are very scrupulous in doing any kind of work. The Journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience represented the research how such people usually behave. They spend a lot of time when they choose or decide something. They always do each of the tasks very carefully. They don’t like busy and noisy places. Long conversations are a real torture for these people. Caffeine has got a bigger influence on them. As this type of people prefers to focus on their inner world and self, all outward stimulators can make them feel anxiety and discomfort.

Researchers compared two types of people – sensitive and non-sensitive. People that took part in the experiment analyzed different photos with visual scenes. At the same time, their brains were checked with the help of magnetic resonance imaging. The result of research showed that sensitive people devoted more time to examining photos and their brains were more active in a part that is responsible for associations. According to the results, this part of the brain works out the information much deeper.

In accordance with the biological researches, the sensitive type is not observed only among people, but also among animals. The representatives of this type spend more time on observing each situation from different sides. They make conscious activities. On the one hand, it is often difficult for them to take a decision at once, but on the other hand, they consider everything very thoroughly and carefully.

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