Why My Vote Matters Essay: Will You Work on It Yourself or Trust an Expert Writer?
Why My Vote Matters Essay: Will You Work on It Yourself or Trust an Expert Writer?

September 19, 2019

You are young, ambitious, and determined to be successful! So, you are a perfect participant for a new competition sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US as it has just announced a topic for essays to be written this year. You can submit your why my vote matters essay and win scholarship equal to $30,000 if you get the first prize.

There is a list of why my vote matters essay requirements for students of grade 9, 10, 11, and 12, and the program is open to anybody willing to express their ideas and be chosen as the best writer. It is possible either to take part in the program in the local areas of the schools or submit the essays, being enrolled in the home school programs.

What is the aim of the competition? The high school students take part in the program of The Voice of Democracy to show how they understand personal responsibilities and obligations of young people in the USA. Fostering patriotism, the program encourages young people to work on a why my vote matters essay and get a prize, special award, and scholarships for their efforts and profound ideas.

There is a strong motivation to win among the students because of the money prize of $150 in cash and great honor to be the winner of such a competition. The winners of the second and third prizes get $100 and $50 accordingly. There will be a local meeting with congratulations and awarding cash prizes to the lucky contestants.

If you want to try yourself, you can view a good why my vote matters essay example online and take part either in the main or additional local.


The winner of a local competition gets a chance to try his or her skills at the national level of essay writing contest and get a $30,000 scholarship and extra prizes and bonuses if the essay is chosen as the best one.

The National Advisory List of Contests and Activities developed by NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) has given approval to the programs and competitions in the framework of the Voice of Democracy.

The requirements to a why my vote matters essay submitted to the competition are the following: every participant writes an essay and then records it on a flash drive or a CD. The length should not exceed five minutes, and neither poetry nor music is allowed.

A special committee is assigned to judge the quality of recording in terms of three aspects: content (35 points), originality (30 points), and delivery (35 points). They are looking for creativity, bright imagination, and fresh ideas. The voice of the speaker should be clear and the organization of the text should not confuse the listeners.

The recording should contain no identification of a contestant. No school, name, state, city, race, national identity, or any other details should be mentioned. Instead, the disc should be labeled and accompanied with a typed essay to demonstrate the rights to ownership.

It is essential to check on the quality of the sound before submitting. Finally, the deadline is essential! Even a minute of delay can be a disaster!