Why Is Staying Motivated in Summer So Hard?

Because Staying Motivated in the Summer is Hard

It is no wonder that in summer my Facebook news feed is filled with my friends’ photos of them relaxing on the beach or somewhere by the pool, or lunching at some cozy and sunny cafes. Such lazy lifestyle makes it hard for people to stay focused on some goals or on the development of new skills.

Very often, I tend to become unmotivated by such photos where my friends have the time of their life. The thought that comes to my mind is that I am doing something wrong or “why can’t I do the same?” Thus, even if I had some motivation or willingness to do something before, I feel totally worn out. However, recently, I have learned some tips for staying focused in summer, and I must say that they have helped me a lot. Thus, I want to share them with you in this article.

Tips for Staying Focused in Summer

1. Learn to prioritize

Take a minute to think about the ways you are currently organizing your time. How many hours do you spend on social media/ watching TV/ watching funny videos online/ reading some blogs? As soon as you’ve got a more or less clear picture of what your time is spent or wasted on, you can think of the ways of how you could improve your time management. Therefore, make a list of your projects or goals. When you have a complete list, put the goals or tasks in the order of importance (in other words, prioritize them). In such way, you will be more focused on fulfilling your tasks.

2. Have a plan

One of the best instruments to keep track of your tasks and make sure you fulfill them all is to make a schedule and set due dates. When making a to-do list, indicate an approximate period of time needed for the task completion. Always check your progress.

3. Focus on one task

If you have numerous goals or tasks, try to focus on them one by one. Do not try to cover everything at once. In such a way, you will only distract your attention and will lose your concentration. If there are some complex tasks, break them up into smaller steps.

All in all, learn these simple steps regarding how to learn to succeed in your plans and goals. Forget about the “What ifs” that are preventing you from enjoying life. Let summer motivation be with you!

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