Why Doing What You Love Is Not Always Good

Why ‘Do What You Love’ Is Bad Advice

Most of us the millennials and college graduates are often told to do what we love and follow our dreams when it comes to the careers. However, I am inclined to believe that this is a horrible advice. Actually, I am sure that it is extremely dangerous to choose the way of doing what you love. The simple truth is that for most ordinary people, it is not the option. This just widens the gap between the working people and the wealthy ones.

Why “Do What You Love” Is Bad Advice

  • It is not always possible to get what you want

When you are told to do what you love, you instantly narrow your vision of your future career and limit your ability to be satisfied with your present and available career. This way, you will follow the opinion that unless you are doing the job you like, you are not doing a good or right job.
The problem of most people in the middle class is shrinking. The economics is changing very quickly, and what a person may have dreamed of doing as a child may become not the smartest path for him/her to choose now.
This means that telling to “do what you love” is sometimes not the best advice on what to do.

  • New Jobs Appeal Permanently

During the last hundred years, farming and blue-collar jobs are gradually disappearing, whilst white-collar jobs become much demanded. In the technology world, new fields are constantly emerging. Today, good workers in the service industry are required as well as data scientists and web developers.
When you are chasing the idea to “follow your heart,” there is great probability you are missing out the best potential career decisions. Therefore, stop trying so hard to get the “perfect job.”
Start with concentrating on skills and knowledge you have, and how you can use it in practice. We need cooks, drivers, and cleaners as well as we need engineers, bankers, and builders. Machines are taking some jobs away, but there are still thousands of jobs that cannot be replaced with machines. Stop concentrating on following your heart and start concentrating on finding a job you will do great. You will eventually love your job; this love will come with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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