Which of These 4 Types of Procrastinators Are You
Which of These 4 Types of Procrastinators Are You?

September 7, 2018

I doubt you have no idea what procrastination is, this is a great evil, sin or just call it the way you want but you wouldn’t dare to say you aren’t a procrastinator! 
No matter what you should have done till 2 PM, you found thousands of reasons and more “important” things to deal with instead of coping with the task. No one says you were lazybones, no way; you may have worked pretty hard and even managed to do something you don’t like to and get used to doing longer than you did it this time. But do you feel something is missed? Yes, the task you were supposed to get done on time, but somehow you found much more interesting issues to deal with, and here we are in the world of procrastination, you’re welcome.

What causes the tendency to become a victim of procrastination? 

To find the reason why we usually fall prey to procrastination, we need to figure out the reasons for postponing the things until the last moment and identify the type, your type of procrastinator. You might be surprised but yes, there are 4 common types, so read on to find out which one of these you are.

#1. You Are the Perfectionist

Perfectionists are super demanding to themselves which in its turn inevitably leads to self-criticism. Being focused only on the very best success, they tend to fear that they will fail or something will go wrong. This undue fear leads to procrastination as perfectionists are simply afraid to start anything due to the possibility of failure. 
Their idealistic expectations hinder them to continue and finish even after they’ve managed to get started on work. 

The way you can beat it

Stop expecting everything to be perfect in order to get started, don’t wait for the ideal moment and conditions, and instead create your suitable moment right now! Who sets the standards? No one but you, and forget your overwhelming thoughts about every single detail and how ideal and perfect it has to be!
That won’t be the same as you see it in your dreams, accept it. Remember the last tasks you’ve already completed successfully and think of their “perfectness,” most likely they weren’t as perfect as you supposed them to be but the results weren’t affected. Stop worrying about perfect conditions, time, etc. and instead of being afraid, get started and make it to the end! 

#2. You Are the Dreamer

This very type of people tends to sail through life with the wind. They are perfect in skipping out on anything that seems to be distressing or difficult, and despite loads of brilliant ideas, they prefer to procrastinate than turn their ideas into reality. Every single dream or fantasy simply remains unfulfilled being difficult to implement. 
So-called dreamers may count on the wonder of fate; they do believe that everything in their life has to be magically sorted out. How to know that you belong to this very type? If you are a pro at scheming and planning, but when it comes to practice, you always fail to take actions and follow the plan, your head is full of abstract, whimsical thoughts, and real-life actions are your biggest nightmare. 

The way you can beat it

A good start is a MUST! Set your goal and be more concrete and decisive: define who, what, where, when, and how you will accomplish your task. 
A to-do list will discipline you more, strive for managing each task and put a tick after you’ve completed it. Think of this as a game where you have to go through all the stages to win. Your prize is at the end, make your dreams come true and say goodbye to procrastination.

#3. You Are the Worrier

“What ifs” is the main question day by day, worriers are the prisoners of their own lack of confidence in their abilities, and they are locked by their worrying nature and insecurity. These people are strongly dependent on everything that surrounds them; they are constantly seeking for help, advice, and reassurance. 
If you’d better stay in your comfort zone than take a risk and face unknown things, hiding somewhere in order to keep everything as usual, it means you belong to this type of procrastinators. You resist changes and do everything but not making decisions. There is no action, you are simply standing aside.

The way you can beat it

Just do it, get rid of your worries right now by turning your nerves into excitement, and make your “what ifs” something that will motivate you to give the answer “no matter what I’ll do it.” Make sure you are setting the realistic judgments about the effort and time required to manage your task. You might be confused by multi-tasking, and the number of things to deal with drives you crazy. To avoid this; you should get focused on a specific task. This way you’ll stay motivated and be encouraged by the vivid results at the end of your process. 

#4. You Are the Thrill-Seeker

You are a risky person, aren’t you? Leave everything till the last moment and enjoy doing everything during the night that’s the way you get used to doing it. The incredible feeling of adrenaline rush to get everything done at the last minute is your habit. Despite all positive aspects of doing everything in the euphoric rush, sometimes, it might work the other way and make you unable to focus. Kick-starting is nice there is no doubt, but mind that there is always a greater possibility the things won’t work that needed and expected way. Save your nerves and ensure you have enough time; it’s much better than the prospect of being stressed and distracted by unexpected matters. 
You do love that adrenaline rush, and the reason for your procrastination is obvious, but still postponing everything until the last minute isn’t as good as it might seem for you at first. Thus you don’t leave yourself any chances to fix something or change if it is needed, even if you feel super productive and at your best with the rush of wrapping up things at the last possible minute. 

The way you can beat it

You do need to assure yourself that it doesn’t go about the last minute issue and lack of time, it’s only your illusion of the way you can accomplish the task. You are able, and you will do it even with more time. Who says that the quality of accomplished task depends on the lack of time and adrenaline rush? Why shouldn’t you try to manage everything gradually, step by step with no stress and rush? What if you need to experience more relaxed and calm conditions and environment? Try to enjoy the organized mood of the system which is aimed not only on the results but also on keeping your nerves steady and saying no to last-minute stress forever. 

Have you already guessed which of these types are you? Even if you can’t say straight away which one you belong to, don’t bother because you may feel you relate to all of them a bit, but anyway there is one that suits you more than the rest. 
Knowing all of this, you can change your attitude towards procrastination and start working on it. View yourself from a new perspective and break free of the procrastination bug!