Prepare for the Veteran`s Day Contest!

Veterans Day Essay
Prepare for the Veteran`s Day Contest!

December 18, 2019

The Veteran`s Day contest is a competition in which all the middle and high-school students take part. The competition takes place in each state in October. Every year, thousands of students struggle for prestigious rewards writing their creative and fresh essays. For many students, the Veteran`s Day contest is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their excellent writing skills and get acknowledgment.

The winners will be able to read their essays at the very beginning of the award ceremony. In their essays, the students tell about the members of their families or any other people they know, who served in the American Army and made a great contribution to bringing peace. As for the length, such an essay should be approximately 500-750 words and should be based on the information from the interviews. After all, participation in the Veteran`s Day contest is not only the opportunity to demonstrate the writing skills but also demonstrate your appreciation and gratitude for the achievements of the American heroes.

Free Veteran’s Day Essay Example 1: Problems Veterans Face

Veterans are people who have once served in their countries armed forces, but who at the present day are no longer in service. These people face a lot of problems. Not once have they gone without getting full reimbursement of their benefits, but are also victims of poor medical care. All these injustices have occurred despite the fact that they fought fearlessly and heartedly for the people at home to feel safe and protected. In this paper, I will focus on bringing out the problems the current day veterans are facing and possible ways to fix them.

Many men and women of substance come from war fronts back home as anti-social beings. They do not know how the real life looks like. All they have done and know is to take orders, shoot to kill, or interrogate people. Such people find it very hard to actualize in the normal world. Because of the horrific events that they go through, they come back home suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At the veterans department, the health conditions for these individuals have not been taken care of very well. To offset these problems, the veterans need to be assigned to specific and personal medical attendants who can make a follow up to see that these people are fully recovered and doing something positive with their lives.

 People with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are very hard to cope with. These are the experience veteran families are living with today. As a medical condition, these veterans need assistance, but seldom do they get such assistance. The medical system treats them like lesser beings whose livelihoods are at the mercy of corrupt few. Veterans are treated poorly in the medial system and regarded as nobodies despite the fact they did the country a great service.

Veterans lack a detailed network of both social and business contacts. As a result, many veterans face unemployment in large scale. If the national average of employment is compared with that of veterans alone, one would find out that, the veterans’ one is double the national. This is a problem that needs to be averted. To succeed in solving this problem, veterans department needs to create “soft landing” jobs for veterans such that they can be recruited to do some other normal jobs a part from being secret agents or carrying guns. This will help reduce the margin of unemployment.

The process of claim of veteran benefits has been a highly bureaucratized affair. The application process at the veterans’ administration remains to be an adversary and a complicated affair. This is because veterans do not get automatic registration into the department. Thus, veterans always will require assistance in finding veteran administration facilities, and support help in completing the sophisticated application procedures. Many are the times that their applications get rejected forcing them to give up. It is a common knowledge that many veterans disabled thus, unable to work. Such people are not spared this hectic process; they wait for years for the benefits to be awarded despite the fact that they have earned them. As a result, many veterans are homeless and feed poorer than the dogs in the streets.

Following inability to manage their affairs as a result of failure veteran department to deliver quality service, many veterans cross the bridge of criminal law. They end up in courts and the eventual sentence to jail. For this problem to be solved, special veteran courts ought to be increased to address the issue since the available one is scarce. If these few courts are to address all the veteran cases, then a century would be required to hear all of them!
With the wars in the Middle East, and considering the amount of troops in those countries, the number of veteran going to swell enormously. What one is left wondering is how the government would cope and be able to take care of them. Considering the current ones cannot be served effectively.

Many veterans have narrated their ordeals at the medical system of the armed forces hospitals. A certain veteran “name withheld” worked for the forces for over five years. After an accident while in the line of duty, he was admitted to a medical facility. At the facility, the person was treated like an outcast and discharged before he could even be able to take himself to answer a call of nature. The medical board gave false testimony of how the veteran got injured and also told lies about his degree of disability. After the veteran affairs department evaluated the person, they found he was 40% disabled up from 10% awarded at the hospital. The same person has to date not received his benefits. This is one person among millions who need attention, and whose benefits are yet to be given. In conclusion, a veteran faces many problems than the common man and requires special treatment. Their benefits get held up in the system due to bureaucracy and untrustworthiness of the officials at the institutions. It beats logic to see a person who is 40 percent disabled and brand him fit to be discharged, not forgetting the person was said to be 10% disabled. There has to be a reformed team at the veterans department that looks keenly at the ordeals of the veterans. The 24hour call centre would be useless if the hope and the trust of veterans will be disillusioned. These people need to be treated like who they are; Heroes and heroines of this great country.

Free Veteran’s Day Essay Example 2: Having a Veteran in the Family

I come from a family where participating in the army means a great lot. Consequently, my father is a Navy veteran as he was part of it for four years, and my grandfather was in the army for two years before he had my father. Without any doubt, this kind of position in society implies respect and this is what I feel for my father and grandfather.

On the other hand, living in a family with such great history can be quite overwhelming. Every action I decide to make is strongly influenced by what I think my father and grandfather will think of it. Therefore, I always think twice before doing something, because the opinion of two veterans is highly important for me. What is more, I believe that having a veteran as a father is a matter of great honor, which I why I respect and love my father as I do.

To come to a conclusion, I have to admit that sometimes having to live in a family with two army and navy veterans is both interesting and hard. It is interesting because I get to find out more details about what they had to do to serve the country and it can be sad at times because they always have such great expectations of me. However, I always struggle to make my father and grandfather proud of what I do and by doing so I find comfort in their praises. After all, receiving a good word from a veteran is a very big deal for me.