Top Reasons Not to Study Abroad

Reasons not to study abroad

People always talk about the pros of studying abroad. However, what about the cons? Let’s take a look at them and consider the ways to avoid them!

Disadvantages of moving to a different country

  1. The language is different. You might have troubles with understanding and speaking it.
    Tip to avoid the problem: learn the language before going abroad!
  2. You are alone. Using the internet, you can connect with your home. Nevertheless, not having your close people around can make you feel homesick. This may become one of the harshest disadvantages of living abroad for some people.
    Tip to avoid the problem: socialize, meet new people, explore your new surroundings, create new habits and give yourself time to adjust.
  3. Reality can be disappointing. In your new country, you might have to face a completely different culture, see other behaviors and even feel uncomfortable with some experiences.
    Tip to avoid the problem: learn all the differences beforehand and be ready for them.
  4. Nothing is free. The cost of your studies depends on the city, university and the major of your choice. Since some countries don’t allow foreign students to work, you might need extra support from home.
    Tip to avoid the problem: learn to reduce your expenses and choose a cheaper option, if possible.
  5. Reverse culture shock. With your study abroad experience, you can become a completely different person. When you come back home, you may feel so-called reverse culture shock by failing to recognize your home surroundings or being excluded from your group of friends.
    Tip to avoid the problem: things change and you just have to accept that you see your home from a different perspective after a new experience!
  6. Your Mom will nag you. If your Mom is similar to most moms, she will probably overwhelm you with multiple questions, emails, messages, calls, etc. And if you miss any of them, retaliation will be hideous.
    Tip to avoid the problem: set rules before you go and ask your Mom to remain calm. Also, don’t get lost. Keep her informed about where you are. She deserves to know that because she cares about you.

Even if one might think otherwise, this article wasn’t written to dissuade you from studying abroad. Of course, there are much more advantages of this experience. Although it can be hard at times, studying abroad helps you grow as a person and attain your biggest goals.

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