Top 10 Interesting Non-Hospital Nursing Jobs

February 14, 2019

When thinking of a nursing profession, most people always envisage working in the hospital. The same is true about graduate nurses who look for hospital nursing jobs after obtaining their qualifications. However, the scope of nursing jobs is not limited to only a hospital and there are a lot of other opportunities outside of it. Moreover, since health care and its delivery are increasingly developing, non-traditional nurses are much in demand.

If you feel like being a hospital nurse is not your calling or if you have already worked in this area and want to try something new, here are 10 nursing jobs outside of hospital setting.

Nurse Health Coach

Nowadays, any registered nurse can apply for the position of a nurse coach without any additional trainings or certifications while still being engaged in a nursing profession. The opportunities for working in this arena are abundant. You can be an independent contractor at an insurance company or firm or found your own health coaching business.

It is a current trend among insurance companies and employers to have their own nurse health coaches to promote good health among their clients and employees, which, in its turn, will cut their healthcare spending. Other nurses can set up their own consulting business coaching clients on how to lose weight, eat healthy and giving consultations on fertility, pregnancy, and holistic health.

By opting for a nurse health coach job, you will be able to work within the scope of your specialization but, at the same time, have a more flexible schedule.

Nurse Navigator

If you derive great pleasure from aiding patients, paperwork, and research, a job of a nurse navigator may hit a spot. As a rule, nurse navigators have their own businesses and are well versed in the health insurance industry and different existent policies. Their prime task is to assist their clients with obtaining high-quality medical care.

Nurse navigators are apt at championing the rights of their clients and are richly experienced in bedside nursing. The demand for this job will continue to grow since the American College of Surgeons established new standards according to which cancer centers will provide their patients with navigation services to maintain their accreditation status.

Academic Nurse Writer

If you want to get away from hospital routine and you have a graduate degree, then you can consider working as an academic nurse writer. In order to work in this area, you should be deeply knowledgeable about your specialty and have a knack for writing. You can write some chapters in your field of studies or even embark on writing your own book.
An academic nurse writer has a unique opportunity to promote the profession by imparting the knowledge to other nurses or nurses-to-be.

Legal Nurse Consultant

An increasing number of nurses nowadays get experience in hospitals in order to be able to work as a legal nurse consultant. As you see, to become a legal nurse consultant is not that easy since you need to go through additional trainings and certification. If you are looking for non-hospital nursing jobs for new grads, this job may not be for you, as it usually presupposes previous experience of nursing jobs in medical institutions.
Attorneys and law firms turn to legal nurse consultants to be able to understand medical records, various medical conditions, as well as work in the capacity of expert witnesses in trials for personal injury cases.

Hospice RN

f you contemplate taking up nursing jobs outside of hospital setting, then working as a hospice RN may be up your street. The commitments of hospice nurses include assisting people of all ages who are about to die with setting care goals, easing their pain, and giving emotional and logistical support to their families and friends. In fact, their prime task is to ensure the best quality of life they can possibly have until the very end.

Public Health Nurse

All sorts of government and non-government institutions hire public health nurses who perform a wide range of roles. They can be employed by school providing medical treatment, detecting different medical conditions and coaching children on how to take care of their health. Public health nurses can also be employed by state public health offices enlightening people on different infectious diseases, giving vaccines, being responsible for STD testing and pregnancy testing, and detecting different disorders.

Although the wages wish much to be desired compared to other nursing jobs, being a public health nurse is a brilliant opportunity for people who aim to enhance health in communities.

Concierge Nurse

The fact that most nurses did their jobs by making house calls until the 1940s may come as a big surprise. However, this area is predicted to develop in the forthcoming years, as the healthcare is constantly undergoing changes. To be a concierge nurse, you need to consult your state board of nursing to know what type of licensing and insurance is required. Additionally, before getting down to your work, you need to check with an attorney and a tax advisor.

One cannot deny the benefits of making home calls since it is a chance to establish friendly relationships with clients while helping them to enhance their general well-being.

Forensic Nurse Consultant

One of the most lucrative nursing jobs is the job of a forensic nurse consultant. However, to embrace this position, you need to have previous experience and additional certifications. Forensic nurse consultants work hand in hand with legal workers. To their main commitments belong gathering evidence and providing testimony. While being nurses in the first place, forensic nurse consultants should also be well versed in law and be able to identify injuries.

Forensic nurse consultants deal with different sorts of law breaches where providing medical evidence can make a difference when seeking justice for victims and for those who were wrongfully accused.

Lactation Consultant

To embrace the job of a lactation consultant, you need to have additional certification. If you intend to provide services on your own, you need to obtain the IBCLC certification to be eligible for this. The job of a lactation consultant presupposes working one-on-one with mothers and babies who have a burning desire to learn. Being a lactation consultant, you can work not only in a hospital but also found your own business, or work in other entities that provide medical aid and consultations for moms and babies.
Having experience of working as a registered nurse would come particularly in handy while getting an IBCLC certification. In general, being a lactation nurse presupposes a lot of benefits, as well as challenges since your prime task is to help new moms surmount their breastfeeding difficulties.

Nurse Midwives

Nowadays pregnant women increasingly opt for a nurse midwife when giving birth to their babies instead of a traditional obstetrician. Nurse midwives usually do their job in hospitals. At the same time, many of them establish their own clinics or are employed by stand-alone birthing centers.

Depending on the state, they can also assist with deliveries in their clients’ own homes.

Nurse midwives are brilliant and helpful educators. In order to embark on a job of a nurse midwife, you will need to get training and obtain necessary certification.

What about LPNs?

Although most of the nursing jobs require having experience of working as a registered nurse, it does not mean that there are no nursing jobs for LPNs. In fact, LPNs can work as school nurses or lactation consultants. Additionally, if you are looking for nursing jobs outside of hospital setting, you will surely take to the idea of working in a nursing home or rehabilitation institution with all the challenges and autonomy that it entails.

While being employed by a nursing home or rehabilitation institution, you will mostly work under the guidance of an RN with the freedom to make your own care decisions and provide medical aid when required.

In order to embark on nursing jobs outside of hospital setting, you will need to have some previous hospital experience, entrepreneurial skills, a great deal of motivation, and even additional certifications and trainings at times. At the same time, nursing jobs outside of hospital setting may give you more job satisfaction and benefits compared to those in a hospital.