The Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear Of Public Speaking

You feel dizzy, you lost appetite and the stomach has this nauseous feeling, hands are sweating, you want to escape and call off everything to avoid this wild anxiety.

You’re about to get in front of an audience. Am I right? Take a deep breath and listen carefully. If you correlate your life to success you can’t run away from public speaking. So, you can whether give up your dreams, or learn how to take under control your fear. Fortunately, the art of public speaking can be mastered.

Managing public speaking anxiety

First of all, you must realize that a successful public speaker has the tons of experience behind his back. So, managing public speaking anxiety obviously requires practice. The variety of possible options will surprise you. Campaigns, negotiations, interviews, presentations, and many other things relate to public speaking. You just have to work.

1. Don’t make excuses
Public speaking for introverts is the hardest thing. They get nervous even when they simply have to communicate with a small group of people. Introverts would rather complete a difficult task at home than demonstrate their speaking skills in public. Yet, sooner or later, you’ll have to do the speech. The sooner, the better. Don’t make any excuses and just go for it. Once you’ve started, you would be more confident next time.

2. Don’t write down your speech
The fear of forgetting every single word makes us write down the script and memorize it. This is a common mistake that makes your speech lifeless and withered. You don’t want that, do you? Instead, try to write a short plan or a short comment for each slide of your presentation. Then describe each point. Do it out loud. This technique takes time. First attempts are rough and bungling, but the more you talk, the better result you get. Ultimately, you’ll know your presentation inside out and won’t be nervous because you don’t know what to say.

3. Don’t overdo the PowerPoint presentation
The biggest mistake in PowerPoint presentation is to put your script word to word on the slides. What’s worse, you put too much text on a slide in a tiny point font. This ruins everything. To make your presentation attractive and easy to follow put vital information on slides. Don’t put too much text on each slide and make the font big and easy to read. The audience will thank you, trust me.

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