Top 10 Soundtracks From 90s Romantic Comedies
The Best Romantic Comedies with Good Soundtracks

October 5, 2018

The soundtrack is of great importance in the film. The song creates the mood and style of the movie. Many soundtracks to famous films have become real hits. The 90s were the time when the best romantic comedy movies were created. Here is the list of perfect soundtracks from romantic comedies.

Pretty Woman

This film made Julia Roberts a real star. After her role in the movie “Pretty Woman” the whole world started talking about her impeccable smile. Although the plot of the film is quite predictable, many viewers remember this movie with its romantic atmosphere and wonderful play of actors. In addition, the movie had a lot of soundtracks, which became real hits later. For example, "Wild Women Do," "It Must Have Been Love," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Show Me Your Soul."


This film is an example of a classic teenage romantic comedy. In this movie, Alicia Silverstone played one of her best roles. It also has a lot of good soundtracks, such as "Kids in America" and "Supermodel."

You've Got Mail 

This is a kind romantic comedy with an excellent cast of actors. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are great. The plot of the picture is not new. The film touches on the eternal themes that are relevant to this day. This movie can be watched an infinite number of times, as it is an adult fairy tale in a modern way. Such hits as "Dream," "Over the Rainbow," "You Made Me Love You" are among the soundtracks for this film.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is a good romantic comedy and one of the highest grossing films in the history of the British cinema. The picture is devoted to love, as well as it is about lonely middle-aged people who are despaired in finding a life partner. "Four Weddings and One Funeral" has subtle, intelligent, natural English humor. Dialogues are interesting, everything is quite simple, but with some English charm. "Chapel of Love," "Crocodile Rock," and "Love Is All Around" are the most successful soundtracks from this film.

Sleepless in Seattle

"Sleepless in Seattle" is the name of a night broadcast on the radio, where anyone who does not sleep at a late hour can call and tell the listeners the reason for his or her insomnia. One day, a little boy called and asked to find a wife for his father. He told the audience about the grief. After the illness, his mother had died, and his father had been desperately lonely for several months. There are such soundtracks as "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Stand By Your Man," "When I Fall In Love" in this movie.

Notting Hill

The film tells of a guy who is hopelessly in love with the famous actress, and one day a miracle happens. This actress appears in his guide bookshop. The plot is leisurely and positive. The actors’ play is convincing. This film shows not only the romantic relationships and experiences associated with them but also a lot of humor. Here are the most famous soundtracks from this picture: "No Matter What," "From the Heart," "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? "

The Wedding Singer

Robbie (Adam Sandler), who dreams of becoming a rock star in his youth, works as a singer at weddings in the same banquet hall where Julia (Drew Barrymore) serves as a waitress. Constantly watching the birth of new families, young people dream of their own wedding. The marriage of Robbie should take place in a week, and Julia is waiting for her boyfriend’s proposal. Friendly relations between the main characters are established on the wedding ground, which means that they are inevitably destined to grow into something more. A special atmosphere in the film is created by such songs as "White Wedding," "Blue Monday," "China Girl" and others.

10 Things I Hate about You

The movie was shot in 1999, but the problems that are shown here are actual now and will continue to be relevant for a long time. The film tells about the relationship between two sisters – adolescents; they are absolutely different from each other. One of them is a glamorous beauty, and the second one is very rough and repulsive. However, is everything the way it seems at first glance? Starring roles are played by remarkable actors. Heath Ledger, the owner of an outstanding appearance and actor's talent, was starring in this movie. He blended into the role of a bully and a rake, which reveals in itself the ability to love and be loved very harmoniously. Julia Stiles perfectly fit for her role too. The film reveals many issues, such as the problem of raising daughters with a father (without a mother), difficult adolescents, the adaptation of new pupils to the school. Moreover, the most important lesson that can be learned from this picture is knowing how to forgive and open yourself to new feelings and emotions. There are many hits that are popular today in this movie ("I Want You to Want Me," "Dazz," "Wings of a Dove," "Cruel to Be Kind").

My Best Friend's Wedding

Despite the banality of the wedding theme in American comedies, director John Hogan managed to find his niche in the film "The Best Friend's Wedding." Longtime friends Julianne and Michael decide that if they do not fall in love before the age of 28, they will marry. It was a seemingly frivolous arrangement. However, Julianne finds out that Michael is about to marry another girl. She realizes that she loves Michael and that there are only four days to get him back. Of course, a considerable part in the success of the film belongs to the great actors. There are a lot of straightforward, but very sincere humorous scenes in this movie. The romantic mood of the picture is created by its wonderful soundtracks ("I Say a Little Prayer," "You Do not Know Me," "I'll Never Fall In Love Again," "If You Wanna Be Happy").