Study Tools For College Students

Top Study Apps for College Students

The moment you get the long awaited news about entering the college is invaluable.

However, when the first signs of euphoria settle down, you may find yourself at a loss, “How to make it out and keep the track of everything?” It might be overwhelming, but with the right selection of helpful software tools, you might lighten the burden of being an excellent student.

Must have apps to study effectively

1. iTunes University. The all-important app that provides the courses curriculums of many colleges and universities. Not only can you find the necessary learning material, but also get involved in classes and discussions organized by teachers.

2. iStudiez Lite. One of the best apps for students eager to track their schedules, manage home assignments, and observe the grades not leaving the warmth of the dormitory room. The app is easy to navigation and will definitely make your life simpler.

3. Exam Vocabulary Builder. Another free study software to improve your English language vocabulary. Learning with AccelaStudy's approach, you may get prepared for college exams and test your knowledge by taking the quiz this app offers.

4. Quizlet. Mastering your knowledge has never been so easy as with Quizlet. This study tool offers flashcards on thousands of subjects and is a good app to opt for when you need to get your homework for school done or prepare for a test.

5. Google Drive. This app allows you to have all your videos, photos, books, and other files kept in one storage and have access to them from any smartphone or computer. It is especially valuable when you need to share some material with a groupmate or get an urgent task from a teacher.

6. CliffsNotes. CliffsNotes is primarily for those who study literature as it helps to get better understanding of read books and provide the plot overview, characters description, and summary of them, which will definitely be helpful when cramming for a test.

7. Evernote and Penultimate. When it comes to taking notes, there is not better app than Evernote and Penultimate. It combines the handwriting experience with technological advances to make your to-do lists impossible to skip fulfilling.
No matter how stressful and tedious the future student's life might look like, with the right tools and the right attitude you may get the necessary help with studies.

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