Study Smart with Smart Tips

Study Smart with Smart Tips

Young people who transition from high school to college might find it hard to adjust to the new environment and everything it brings. The changes affect different aspects of daily life, including studying routine. The way you study in college differs dramatically from the ways you’re used to after high school. That’s why you need to learn these smart study tips.

Sleep Enough

Having an all-nighter is something almost every student will do at least at one point of their college life. You might be able to pull it off once or twice but making it a habit will be harmful to both your health and grades. Studies show that students who haven’t had enough sleep before an exam will perform worse than those you did but came less prepared.

Find Your Ways

Every student perceives information in a different way so some study techniques might be perfect while others will fail to work. Are you a visual learner or do you need to write things down? Do you work better during the morning or in the evening? These things are easy to discover when you pay attention and doing that will help you use them for better results.

Shake Things Up

Preparing for a test, most students will start revision from the beginning of their notes and move to the end. However, revising materials in the same order you’ve learned them is known as “blocking” because you limit yourself to memorizing things in only one order. The questions in your tests, however, won’t follow it so prepare by studying randomly.

Focus on One Thing

Most young people are able to focus on many things at the same time, like listening to music, answering a message on their phone, browsing Facebook on a laptop, and studying. However, this sporadic attention brings very little results. When it’s time to study, get rid of all distractions and you’ll notice that you can do it a lot faster if you don’t check your phone every minute.

Revise Before Sleep

It’s considered that the most challenging material should be learned before you hit the sack. The first thing your brain recalls in the morning is the last thing you’ve learned. So it’s a good idea to read the most important materials again before you go to sleep just to make sure they stick in your brain.

We hope these five tips will be helpful in guiding you how to study in college.

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