Psychology Books About Mental Disorders

January 24, 2019

Mental abnormalities have always been an interesting topic. Readers are always attracted to the mysterious world in which insane people live. Here is a list of the best mental disorder books that you will surely like.

The incredible story of Prot, a patient of a psychiatric hospital who calls himself an alien from the distant planet K-PAX, and talented psychiatrist Mark Fuller, who is trying to cure the mysterious madman. How thin is the line separating fantasy from madness, and madness from a miracle? What happens if one day madness becomes a reality? Read Gene Brewer’s intellectual thriller, which formed the basis of the script for the legendary film with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges in the lead roles.

Janus, the twenty-four years old man, has been in a psychiatric hospital with the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia for four years. The only thread that connects him with the outside world is the letters from Amina, his classmate from a gymnasium, originally from Turkey. However, the correspondence is suddenly interrupted. Amina, for no reason at all, stops responding to Janus’ letters, and he decides to go in search of a friend and to get to the bottom of the truth. After thoroughly studying the psychology of doctors, he manipulates the hospital staff and other patients and then, finally, he was discharged from the clinic. Janus stays in the apartment of his brother, who is a successful businessman and spends most of his time abroad. The journey through the circles of the urban hell begins from the search for Amina who has completely disappeared.

Billy wakes up and finds himself in a prison cell. He is informed that he is accused of rape and robbery. Billy is shocked because he did not do this. The last thing he remembers is how he wanted to throw himself down from the roof of the school building.

Veronica really decides to die. The world seems alien to her, and she does not need it at all. She is afraid of the hardships, difficulties, and obstacles that any person has in everyday life. In a psychiatric clinic, where specialists treat those who managed to be rescued after a suicide attempt, Veronica meets her love and her death. The doctor says she is doomed. It does not matter whether the doctor has told the truth: if you live every moment as the last one, your life is filled with meaning and joy.

Anna Heymes is a happy woman. She is young, very pretty, and rich. Anna has a loving husband, Laurent Heymes, a high-ranking official. Why do nightmares torment her at night? What is the reason for memory loss and non-recognition of faces, especially the face of the closest person, Laurent? Is she going crazy? The husband invites Anna to accept psychiatric treatment, but her soul protests. Moreover, she begins her own investigation, which reveals terrible secrets.

This is a book about depression, insanity, and loneliness. An unknown force makes the narrator endlessly suffer in anticipation of being sentenced for an unknown crime. Anna Kavan (1901–1968) describes her experience in a Swiss psychiatric clinic, where she was treated from neurosis, depression, and heroin addiction. As Sir Desmond McCarthy noted in response to the first edition of this book (1940), “the beauty of unlimited despair is the most important thing in these stories.”
Anna Kavan talks about a nervous breakdown, trying to recover and being paranoid about being locked up, and then released into a world where almost everything seems ominous. Kavan was influenced by surrealism, which prevailed in continental European art, but was hardly noticed by English writers. The power of symbolic expression connects Kavan’s prose with the European avant-garde, which considered madness to be a legitimate theme of art.

“The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt” is an unusual and unexpected romance. It is both an ingenious parody of a detective story and a caricature of the life of a large European city. Schoolgirls mysteriously disappear from the monastery school. Realizing their powerlessness, the police resort to the help of a very peculiar character, a former criminal, and a patient of a psychiatric hospital. Perhaps it is this combination of properties that gives his judgments surprising insight, and his actions have amusing unpredictability. However, the main thing is that only this extravagant detective turns out to be able to solve a mysterious crime. The novelist and playwright Eduardo Mendoza is deservedly considered one of the greatest Spanish writers of our time. “The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt” is the first of the parody and satirical works of this writer.

The memories of the former patient of the psychiatric clinic suggest a brilliant image of the “parallel universe” against the background of the constantly changing world of the late 1960s. This is insightful and reliable evidence that allows you to look at the other side of sanity and insanity, mental disorders and their causes.

After Alice Wander accidentally kills everyone in her class, she becomes a patient at Radcliffe Psychiatric Hospital. Nobody doubts her madness. Only a professor who smokes a hookah believes the opposite. He can prove that she is not mad by deciphering pictures, photographs of Lewis Carroll and finding the real Wonderland. Professor Caterpillar convinces the entire hospital that Alice can save lives and catch monsters from Wonderland who have reincarnated as modern criminals. To do this, Alice leads a double life: as a student at Oxford University during the day, and as a girl from a mental hospital at night. The line between a college student and a patient is erased when she meets Jack Diamond, a college student who believes that absurdity is actual science.

Brooklyn asylum is a place where terrible nightmares come to life. Many years before Cal, Mick, Jocelyn, Madge, and many others found themselves in its gloomy walls. Truly terrifying things happened in this mental hospital. At night, the patients screamed to be silent forever the next morning. No one could help them; no one could get them out of that hell. Just like those who turned out to be among the Scarlets, groups of selected teachers and students of the University of New Hampshire. Perhaps, the bones of these unfortunate people were dug out from the graves by order of the mysterious bone kidnappers. Only one thing is known: no one leaves them alive.