Prose Essay Writing
Prose Essay Writing

June 18, 2020


Prose can be defined as a form of language. It specific feature is that it is deprived of a specific metrical structure. Unlike poems, where rhythmical structure is generally used, prose does not follow such rules and follows simple grammatical structure.

Prose is used by people in everyday communication. People also usually write and think in prose. Some of the characteristics of prose include complete sentences, combination of sentences into paragraphs, direct language etc. Consequently, prose is also used in essay writing. The paper that uses prose is called prose essay. So, what is a prose essay? Our article will provide answer to this and other related questions.

Prose Essays Writing

If you want to know how to write a prose essay, you should remember one simple thing: the most important is not to write it in a form of a verse. Prose is a common way people communicate and you have been dealing with it since the day of your birth. If you want to write a prose essay you simply need to express your thoughts on the paper in a way you think them.

Prose essay is never written in lines. It is expressed in full sentences. Besides, written prose also uses commas, periods and other punctuation marks.

Unlike poetry, prose is not divided into lines. It is written in sentences that are combines in paragraphs. Normally, paragraph is a piece of text that conveys one thought as in the example with an essay paper, or some episode, if we speak about some literary work. Paragraph help distinguish different ideas. Without paragraphs, the text are difficult to understand. Check prose essay examples online to see how they should be written.

Writing Tricks

  • Make sure you pay enough attention to mechanics: grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Make sure you divide your text into paragraphs.
  • Pay attention to the structure of your paper. Not only text matters but also how this text is written and organized.
  • Paraphrase the quotes properly.
  • Do not just summarize the information you provide. Analyze it and support with strong evidences.
  • Make sure you use clear transition and topic sentences to make your writing logical.
  • Be specific.
  • Add hook to your paper to make the readers interested.
  • Write a good conclusion.

When Do I Write Prose?

Prose is everything that is not poetry. If you are not writing a poem, you are writing a prose. Each academic paper is written in prose. It is a common way of presenting thought by the writers to the readers. It is often easier to understand than poetry, which conveys deep meaning that requires looking for it between the lines. On the contrary, prose texts, and essays in particular, express clear meaning and ideas. Prose is better perceived by most people because it is exactly what people are used to in their daily lives.

So, the answer to the question set in the heading is anytime and anywhere. Even some poets use prose form of their poems.

Common Types of Prose

The most common types of prose include non-fictional (text based on facts) and fictional prose (imaginary work), heroic prose (a bit unusual form of communication that can be seen in tales and stories) and even prose poetry (poems written in prose).