Most Popular Myths about the College

One Dangerous Myth About College Everyone Is Telling You

This is a very important article, because it points out to dangerous ideas which can make students spoil the best years of their lives.

Having a clear understanding that some ideas are toxic for your academic and life achievements, with this article I want to prevent students from wasting their time and money.

Things You Should Know About College Life

  1. It’s not good not to know what you want. Some people say, “It’s absolutely normal not to know what you want to do in the college.” I say – no it’s not! Because this claim basically says that it’s ok to waste years of your life waiting for something to happen. The only person that can really make things happen in your life is you. Even if in the beginning of your college life you’re not sure about your future, you should make the most out of your first years in college, because studying is about building a set of skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

  2. It’s not good to think that your major is of no significance. Of course, in many cases people understand their true calling years after graduation, but what’s the point of wasting so much time and money on something that you don’t really think is significant? No matter the major you choose, you should understand what skills you’ll need in your post-graduate life in order to master them while you’re studying.

  3. It’s not good to take switching majors lightly. I often find it among the tips for college students “don’t worry, you can change your major.” Well, of course you can, but will those skills that you’ve been mastering for years be useful for your new major? If you ever think about switching your major, think very carefully and weight every aspect of your decision.

  4. It’s not good not to know what you want to do after the college. In fact, if you have no idea what to do after graduation, then you have spent years of life on useless things and spent thousands of dollars down the drain. Ask yourself a question – do you really want to be an outsider or someone who knows where they are going? The earlier you answer this question the better it is going to be for you.

Your college success is in your hands. Don’t let it slip away!

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