Living On Campus: Pros and Cons

October 2, 2017

Students who have just entered the college have to choose their housing. More than a half of first-year students live on campus. Living in an apartment outside the campus can be a great stress for young people and brings a lot of life challenges, while living on campus, you can always get support. In addition, it is a great opportunity to communicate with your peers more and spend your free time with benefit. It will also teach young people to live in a team. At the same time, there are many shortcomings of such a life, for example, not very comfortable, small rooms of the dormitory, and not very pleasant and untidy neighbors. Some students do not have a choice, because campus accommodation is an indispensable part of their college's educational process. Other students, who have the right to choose, should weigh well the pros and cons, as well as learn all the advantages and disadvantages of living on campus.

A List of Pros and Cons of Living on Campus

The cost of living in a dormitory is rising rapidly. Therefore, students are increasingly choosing accommodation outside the campus. Surely, sometimes living in a rented apartment with several neighbors may be cheaper, about $ 400 per person per month, while the price of housing on campus is almost $ 700 per student. However, do not forget that very often, you have to pay for additional services that are not included in the monthly price living in a rented apartment, such as the internet and utilities, so often the total amount may even exceed the price of living in a dormitory.


As it was said before, living on the campus has a number of significant advantages: it is the constant support of students, communication and establishing friendly relations with other young people, work experience in the team. It is statistically proven that freshmen, who live on campus, are more successful in their studies, because there are specialists on campus, who are always ready to advise students on any subject. Freshmen can communicate and consult about studying, helping each other. The advantage is that you do not need any transportation costs, because the campus is located on the territory of the college, so it is very convenient, because it also helps save your time.

  • Freedom

Did you ever see the student who would not want to be independent? Once you start living on campus, you paint your life into the colors chosen by only you. You are free to decide what to do and how to do it. Undoubtedly, unlimited freedom brings more responsibility, but the feeling of ultimate freedom is worth all the efforts. 

  • College experience

Living at home and studying at a college is a completely different feeling than living on campus. We assure you that living on campus, you will receive much more memories of your student`s life. Living at school will provide you with the multiple opportunities for self-development and self-realization. Undoubtedly, living 24 hours per day in the school is not the same as spending three-four hours having classes. 

  • It is much easier to make new friends living on campus

Definitely, to making new friends will be much easier while living on campus since, in this environment, you will meet many people with similar interests and attitude to life. Moreover, people living on campus are much more friendly and communicative than the people living at home. 

  • On a campus, you will always be engaged in interesting activities

Whether it is listening to music, reading your favorite book, or chatting with friends, on a campus, you will always find something interesting. Moreover, there are many people ready to chat with you on various topics. Undoubtedly, you should not forget that your primary goal is to study, but the extracurricular activities should not be ignored as well. 

  • Your friends are literally behind the wall

No one can deny the fact that it is cool to live close to the friends. You can see each other any time of day or night whenever you want to talk to each other. 

  • You have more time to sleep

Living on campus you can wake up in 15 minutes until classes beginning and be on time. Is it not great? We assure you that it is very convenient since it greatly economizes your time. 

  • Coffee breaks become available to you

Living on campus, you do not have to search for a cafe since there are many places to drink coffee.


Like any other important decision, living on campus has a few significant shortcomings and you have to know them before taking a decision. Learn more about the key disadvantages of living on campus:

  • If some of your roommates get sick, most probably, you will get sick as well

When living on campus, you are locked with different people. Although you like them, you do not know them completely. As such, you do not know their health conditions. If some of them end up sick, there are high chances that all people living in the room will follow his or her example.

  • No more meals cooked by your mother

Almost all students admit that the hardest thing about living on campus is being far from the family. Undoubtedly, if you lived the entire life with your family, living separately will turn into a challenge for you. The food is the simplest way to remember your family connection. As such, whenever you feel lonely, just cook something delicious, just like your mother did for you, and your mood will be improved.

  • You have to figure out numerous things

Most probably, your living on campus is your first experience of living alone. Therefore, there are multiple things you need to learn about the adult life. If your cooking skills are not that good – they will be improved. If you are not able to do the laundry well – you will learn how to do it properly. In the campus, there will be definitely a person, who would teach you to do various things. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

  • Communal bathrooms are not always new and clear

The living conditions are one more reason, why many students decide to live at home despite the obvious benefits of living on campus. Unfortunately, living with other people on the floor, you have to share your bathroom with them. Some of these people do not follow the rules of hygiene while others often forget to clean after themselves. This may sound quite gross, but the common bathroom can make you return back home.

  • Living on campus can be truly expensive

If you want to be engaged in various activities, you will have to spend much money. Living on campus is a fascinating experience, but, unfortunately, not all students can afford it.

  • Living on campus, you can forget about silence

Of course, it does not mean that your life will be full of parties like it is shown in the Hollywood movies. However, we assure you that living on campus, you will find it quite difficult to relax and stay in silence for at least an hour. As such, sometimes, it will be truly difficult to focus on the studying process. 
There are much more reasons to reasons to live off campus. If you want to learn more, feel free to communicate with the people, who actually live there.
We do hope that our living on campus pros and cons will help you understand what you want to do. Of course, it is up to you to decide, but remember that no matter what decision you will take, it will be your own choice and responsibility.

  • Personal Space

Unfortunately, it can become a real problem for many students who choose to stay on campus, because you will have to share a room with a neighbor. Of course, there are separate rooms too, but their cost is very high. A small space, which you have to share with other people, does not always have a positive impact on your personal life and even on the learning process.


Undoubtedly, living in a dormitory on the campus facilitates the adaptation of freshmen to independent living and college. Students do not need to spend time preparing food, as they can get food here. They can also get advice on educational matters, and psychological support. At the same time, a high fee for housing and small rooms may not accommodate young people. Food may not completely match their culinary preferences and their neighbors may be unpleasant people. In any case, life on campus is a huge life experience that makes your student years more vivid and memorable.


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