Learning How to Be More Secure Online

Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Secure Online

People who experienced security breaches at least once in their life think that it is hard to protect online identities. On the other hand, experts claim that it is not difficult to secure yourself from the internet fraud if a person knows some simple tricks. Learn further in the article how to enhance online safety.

Computer tips and tricks to prevent security breaches

  1. Every login should have a unique password
    Entering the same password for every online account is very unwise. Imagine that a website was hacked and cybercriminals know your login and password. They may use it to get access to your bank accounts and other important online profiles. Thus, the best decision is to create a strong password for every online account or use a password manager.
  2. Use a VPN
    Use a virtual private network whenever you connect to the Web through unknown Wi-Fi. VPN encrypts the data that is exchanged between a user and a website, thus, preventing hackers from getting access to it.
  3. Use the option of two-factor verification
    Although it is usually irritating to verify your identity twice, this option will certainly protect your online security. Two-factor verification often requires iris or fingerprint scan. Also, to login at a website account, you may be asked to enter a combination sent by SMS.
  4. Use disposable credit card numbers
    Unfortunately, the system of credit card use is obsolete and often fails to protect bank account holders from online credit card fraud. Secure yourself using disposable credit card numbers, which means that you will enter a new 16-digits credit card number for every online purchase.
  5. Clear your cache
    Develop a habit of deleting your online history and cookies regularly. Web history may actually tell hackers lot about your preferences, life style, home address, and other personal information. 

If you do not want to find your bank accounts or emails hacked one day, use these simple tricks to enhance online safety. From now on, you may surf the Internet without threats to your personal security.

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