Interesting Facts about Flag Day

Fun Facts About Our Flag

Flag Day is celebrated on the 14th of June. In order to honor the event, I’ve prepared 13 fascinating facts regarding the flag of our country. Each fact is like one of the 13 stripes that represent first 13 colonies that belonged to our nation many years ago.

  • When my tween asked me yesterday why Americans observe Flag Day on June 14, I told her to look it up. As a result, she found out that a national flag was firstly approved by the Second Continental Congress on June 14 in 1777.

  • It is believed that the idea to celebrate Flag Day dates back to 1885, when in Fredonia, Wisconsin, one of the school teachers started celebrating Flag Birthday.

  • It is important to mention that only after 1916 Flag Day became official. Actually, President Woodrow Wilson was the one who decided to issue a proclamation according to which the American citizens should observe Flag Day on June 14.

  • Frankly speaking, the colors of the flag are meaningful. Red symbolizes courage and valor strength. White stands for cleanliness and innocence. The blue color represents persistence, vigilance as well as justice.

  • Concerning Old Glory, this term was coined in 1831 by Captain William Driver, who was a shipmaster of Salem, Massachusetts. His friends gave him a present of a flag that was 10 feet high and 17 feet wide. At that time, the banner consisted of 24 stars.

  • In order to display the flag in an appropriate way, you should know some rules according to which the display should be from the dawn till sunset, the flag shouldn’t touch the floor, blue zone is supposed to be in the upper left corner and it should be raised rapidly.

  • Robert Peary positioned a flag at the North Pole in 1909. In fact, that flag was sewn by his wife.

  • This wasn’t the only one extraordinary location of Old Glory. Six American flags were planted on the moon by crews from Apollo.

  • It is thought that Betsy Ross officially made the first flag. However, some sources don’t agree with that. For instance, PBS states that no one is sure about the origin of our national flag. A few historians believe that Congressman Francis Hopkinson designed Old Glory and Betsy Ross embroidered it.

  • Only 5% of American flags are not manufactured in the United States.

  • Although Flag Day is observed by the whole nation, Pennsylvania is actually the only one state that considers it to be a legal holiday.

Have you thought of any interesting ideas how to celebrate Flag Day? We decided to put out our flag and then line our walk with small flags. After that, we will bake pancakes of three colors: red, white and blue. What plans do you have for this holiday?

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