How to Write a Killer College Paper

November 16, 2017

Over the course of years, I have mastered the art of writing outstanding papers and developed a certain recipe how to do it. From my experience and from the experience of all my friends, who have used that recipe, your success in writing killer essays depends only on one thing – whether you follow that recipe or not. Once you understand how to write a successful paper, you will never use any other method again. So here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Perform a Research. Research is crucial because the quality of your paper in many ways depends on it. The quality of the materials that you will use, its freshness and intellectual preciseness define whether your paper will be an interesting read or not. It’s the most time-consuming but the most rewarding part of the process.

Step 2: Create a plan. The plan is like a map. If you have the map then you will get where you want and if you don’t – then you will wander. When you have a plan, the angle of your research gets more accurate and your paper acquires the flow that any killer paper has. Write your thesis statement, think of 3-5 key arguments and create links.

Step 3: Compose the Body of Paper. Now, you can start writing, but don’t start with an introduction. Begin with the body of work instead. If you haven’t noticed, it’s easier to write an introduction when you have your body of paper and conclusion ready. Follow the plan you have just created and turn your arguments into paragraphs. Always cite sources while writing.

Step 4: Compose a Conclusion. When your body of the paper is ready, it’s time to rehash all your ideas and prove your thesis statement once again in a powerful way. Rephrase your arguments, connect them together and try to leave your readers with an open jaw as they finish reading the conclusion.

Step 5: Compose an Introduction. When you have the main parts of the work ready it will be very easy for you to write an introduction. Just try this sequence and you will see that it’s very efficient.

Step 6: Reread your paper a couple of times. Now it seems that your paper is finished, but it’s actually not. Those who skip revision decrease they grade – don’t do this mistake. Do at least two revisions with focus on structure and writing and see if your paper flows smoothly. If the structure is perfect, writing is great, grammar is stellar and the flow is smooth – you’re good!

Step 7: Apply the Formatting. It’s easy to do the formatting when your paper is completed. Make sure that you follow the format requested by your professor; otherwise, you can’t expect to get a good grade.

Step 8: Add Cited Page. Mention to whom belong the quotes that you have used in the paper.

Step 9: Read it One Last Time. You don’t want any nuances to spoil the overall result.

Step 10: Give it to Your Professor and Go to Party!

Now you know how to write a college paper like a pro.

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