How To Go To College For Free


Though going to college seems to be a natural rite of passage that everyone is bound to encounter sooner or later, it is not accessible to all. Unfortunately, money is still the key element that controls our life. There are fees, rent, and living expenses to care about. However, if you are sure that you DO need college education, you can get it even if you are not that rich.

Ways to Pay for College for Broken Students

  • Commit to a military service.

    If you are ready to exchange 10 years of your life for free education, consider serving Air Force, Merchant Marine or Military once you graduate. Sure, this decision requires a lot of consideration, but a chance to go to college for free tips the scales in favor of committing to this service, doesn’t it?

  • Apply for a job at college.

    This is one of the greatest tips for students, since in this case, students not only have their education fees covered by college but also gain invaluable working experience. Check if the college of your choice has any vacant positions you can apply for and enjoy the experience of studying and working on campus.

  • Ask for a reimbursement.

    If you are already working in some industry, it is worth asking your company if it could pay for your education. “Why on earth should they do that?” you may wonder. Well, your employer is definitely interested in having qualified professionals on board, so why should you miss such an opportunity?

  • Consider fundraising.

    Going to college is once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, grow as a person and establish bonds with people. Sure, your family and friends would love to help you with that. All you need to do is go to GoFundMe website and start your fundraising campaign. Share it with people who care about you. You can encourage them to donate by refusing from all of the birthday and Christmas presents. Persuade them that instead of spending money on useless presents, which you will probably store somewhere in the attic if not throw out, they could actually contribute to your pursuit of education.

The opportunities are endless. There are even colleges that don’t charge tuition fees. Seems impossible? Why don’t you look it up in the Internet and see for yourself.

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