How to Create Student Reports

June 8, 2018

What a Student Report Is

A student report is a document created by the teacher for the student and his or her parents to demonstrate the learner's achievements and development, and to draw their attention to knowledge gaps and educational problems. Here are some tips on how to write this paper correctly.

Write Clearly

The main principle of creating a report is its simplicity and clarity. Do not write too many words; create a simple and understandable text. Remember that not all parents are familiar with the pedagogical terminology.

Point out Important Information

It is not necessary to describe every day of the pupil spent in school in the smallest detail; it is enough just to describe the most important events that affected the rating and studies.

Do not Generalize Facts

When creating a report about a student, you do not need to compare him or her with someone or demonstrate data about the whole class or group in it. Parents are interested only in the achievements of their children. Focus on them.

Avoid too Frequent Use of Terms

As already mentioned, a large number of pedagogical terms can make your report difficult to understand. Try to rephrase complex definitions and write simple sentences.

Prove Your Words with Facts

If you write about some achievement or failure of the student, you need to back up your words with arguments. If you have a personal dislike for a pupil, you should not blame him or her if you do not have a real reason.

Make a Plan

In order to control the volume of your text and not to miss important details, create a plan whereby you can write a report about any student.

Prepare Parents for Conversation

Before you give a report to parents of your student, talk to them and explain your point of view, give arguments, be tolerant, show your respect and understanding to the child.

Students Participation in the Process of Creating Reports

Ask students to take a survey and learn their goals and attitude to learning; it will help you understand each student better and reveal some of their psychological characteristics.

Find the Weaknesses of the Student

The report is designed to help the student, teacher, and parents to solve many issues that have arisen in the process of education and training. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate what problems a learner has in the process of work.

Ways to Solve Problems

Information about the child's problems is not enough to solve them. Not many parents know about pedagogical methods of education. It is necessary to give some advice to parents and show them the direction of further work in your report.

Psychological Help

As is known, many failures in school are connected with certain psychological problems. If you notice that your student feels emotional discomfort, is a private or aggressive person, contact a school psychologist. A few consultations and training will help to reveal the essence of the problem. Sometimes psychological discomfort can arise because of bad relations in the family. Invite the psychologist to talk with the parents. Talk with them about how to solve problems and what their educational function should be.

Communication with Peers

Tell parents about the communicative skills of their child. Indicate whether the student is active and whether he or she participates in public life. If the student is too shy, you should advise parents how to improve his or her communication skills.

Be Open for Communication

Very often, parents will need your advice wanting to help their children. Do not ignore them, answer phone calls and arrange meetings.

Student Motivation

Even if the student is indifferent to learning, do not write about how hopeless he or she is. Do not write only about bad things, find at least something positive in each pupil and emphasize it. Get parents, and most importantly, students, to feel their specialty, then they will want to work better.

Creative Potential

The report should also mention the child's creative activity. If the students take an active part in the life of the school, play in the school theater, sing, participate in contests, you need to thank them and their parents for this and motivate them to further creative development. If the pupil is not an active participant in school life, but you have noticed that he or she has some talent and can become successful in such activity, be sure to tell his or her parents about it and promote the development of your learner’s creative skills.

Be a Friend

Of course, you need to evaluate the results truthfully. However, do not be too strict. If the student is afraid of you, and parents treat you with distrust, you will not get successful cooperation. Be friendly, show that you are ready to help at any time.

Tell Parents about Your Work

Speaking about the success of the pupil, it is necessary to mention what your contribution to student’s development is,. You do not need to brag; you just have to show what kind of work was done by you and to convince parents of your competence.

As you can see, writing a report is not too difficult. The main thing is the clarity and your honesty. It is also important to be able to analyze the results and look for the ways to solve problems. And this means that you need to be not just a teacher, but a real teacher who is a friend, mentor, and psychologist at the same time.