Great Summer TV Preview: Shows to Watch

Summer TV Preview

Twin Peaks, The Keepers, Game of Thrones, and many more shows are coming out this summer. Are you looking forward to them? We’ll provide you with a short insight into these shows.

Summer months offer a great lineup of TV shows that are returning. Here are some highlights of the shows that you’re probably looking forward to.

TOP 8 TV Favorites to Watch This Summer

May TV shows: Master of None on Netflix (May 12), I Love Dick on Amazon (May 12), The Keepers on Netflix (May 19), and Twin Peaks on Showtime (May 21).

The second season of Master of None is a great romance series about a cook in Italy. It is a great movie with lots of meals. I Love Dick is a series about a married couple, which temporarily moves to Marfa in Texas and experiences difficulties in relationships. The Keepers is a true-crime about a renewed investigation of the nun’s murder that took place 50 years ago under suspicious circumstances. Twin Peaks tells a story of agent Dale Cooper 25 years after.

June TV shows: I’m Dying Up Here on Showtime (June 4), Orange Is the New Black on Netflix (June 9), Claws on TNT (June 11), and Glow on Netflix (June 23).

Produced by Jim Carrey, I’m Dying Up Here is the exploration of the comedy scene of the 1970s in Los Angeles. The fifth season of Orange Is the New Black continues a dramatic story of the Litchfield inmates. Claws is a dark comedy, which tells about five nail-salon employees in Florida and deals with crime and violence. Glow is about the start of women wrestling in the 1980s and is one of the best options for your summer TV.

Game of Thrones on HBO (July 16) continues the story about the reign of Cersei and Daenerys’s trip to Westeros. Marvel’s The Defenders is out on Netflix on August 18. It tells the story of Daredevil, Iron Fist, and others superheroes.

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