Everything You Need to Know About Mother’s Day and Its Celebration


When do Americans celebrate Mother's Day?

Mother's Day (sometimes it is called Mom's Day) is celebrated in spring. This date falls on the second Sunday of the fifth month of the year. It is the holiday of maternity, maternal upbringing and relations between a mother and a child. This year it is celebrated on the 14-th of May.

Whence did this holiday come to the country?

Anna Jarvis, a famous public figure from the west part of the United States, gained the official holiday for all mothers of the country. Today, Jarvis is known as Mother of this spring holiday.

Ann devoted all her life to the ascension of the holiday after the death of her mother. She took part in the American Civil War, where she looked after the soldiers from the opposite sides of the clash.

Jarvis created Clubs for mothers to address social problems of that time. This famous person struggled against world’s indifference to women’s desire to have rights.

The main date of the process is the 8-th of May, when Ann arranged a service at the church. It was attended by almost 400 children with their moms. Now that church is known as an international shrine of the Mother’s Day. In 1914, Ann appealed to the President of the USA and he made this day an official holiday.

Time passed and Mother’s Day became more and more commercial. Trade industries used it to make a profit of the society. Ann was upset because of these changes. She said that she wanted this holiday not to be the day of making money, but making senses.

Ann disliked flowers and postcards giving in that day. She called people who use these kinds of greetings – lazy ones who could not write anything by themselves. Jarvis organized several actions against Mother’s Day celebration and threatened companies involved in that case.

World Mother's Day

Time passed and Mother’s Day is now celebrated in different countries around the world. In such countries like USA and Australia, people wear colored carnation which shows if their mother is alive or not. In South Africa, the Mother’s Day is used to thank all women who are like mothers.

Other nations celebrate Mother’s Day too, but it takes place at another time. Mother’s Day in Norway is celebrated on the second Sunday of the second month of the year, while in Thailand it is on the 12-th of August, on their Queen’s birthday.

Despite the fact that Mother's Day has become a commercial holiday, it is necessary to remember about its initial conception: Anna Jarvis has proved that women can have rights in a men-ruled society. She achieved the results due to her persistence and resoluteness. So, let’s love our moms and care about them like Ann cared about women’s rights.

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