Workplace Diversity

Family medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been in existence for quite sometime and most of the local CEOs have been using it including our own company having some interest in it. That is why I took an initiative as a Human resource manager to discuss with the supervisors on the law and some few changes and routines that need to be made so as to accommodate the Act given there was the existence of FMLA.

The issue which attracted the attention first in the committee was the issue of entitlement. It was agreed that any employee who had a son or daughter under his care, or the employee with an adopted daughter or son or any employee who has family responsibilities maybe one of the family members is ill or has got health conditions or his or her own medical condition needed attention, was then entitled to the three months or 12 workweeks of leave without any payment since while on leave, the vacancy will be filled by someone else who will be paid on the behalf of the employee until he resumes to work. The normal leave was allowed to be changed with the sick leaves depending on the employees wish.

Another issue discussed was the job benefits and protection where it was agree that whenever an employee resumes from the leave, his position should be given back to him or an equivalent position accorded to him with the same benefits, pay status and other terms and conditions of employment. Health benefits coverage should also be maintained.

Third issue was, an employee planning to take a leave should give a 30day notice before the leave. In case you have serious health condition, it should be informed to the authority for certificate of care for the condition.

With all this rules implemented, them the organization will go hand in hand with FMLA Act 1993.



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