What Makes Change So Difficult

All humans are resistant to change. Everyone fears the issue of change, which is unknown. During the change process, what comes into the mind is how the result will affect them. Things learnt in the early stages of life are the hardest to change. Though occasionally we may change them, they still remain in memory and influence individual behaviours in different ways. Despite all things, people do change. Change comes in the ways of life, jobs, family, and at times personality.

What makes change so difficult?

The answer lies within us in mind. The mind comprises two cognitive processes that govern ones daily activities. These are; the automatic processing system and the conscious processing system. The automatic system processes familiar routines. It links information already learnt and matches it with the prevailing condition. For example, we need not remember what to do when one wakes up in the morning. The conscious processing requires a lot of effort. This effort is essential in processing unfamiliar information and the changing situations.

Change requires mental preparedness to effect. People choose to remain in their current environments and enjoy their standards of living this way they see change as a difficult process. Another factor hampering change is the roles an individual plays in the current environment. What will happen to his/her current position in regard to the new environment? Possibly, it is unknown. People work to the best of their strengths and abilities.

Change in this case will involve learning new techniques, which individuals may not know how to cope with and manage. We also fear change due to the concern of personal self-image. Everyone has a personal ego managed within the current environment, whatever happens to personal ego during and after change poses a threat to change. In short, we can say the main fears of change are loss of control, lack of stability, and fear of the unknown.

Change lies within the mind. As long as we focus with purpose, we will be able to move through all chaos, make decisions on consistent actions and come up with concrete solutions to shape lives. Personal Change is never a smooth process. We all think about changing the world and nobody thinks about changing the self-image.

In order to perceive change, we ought to discover what is missing as the change process proceeds. The next step is find ways to make internal adjustments. This way, individuals understand their responsibilities and whatever it takes to make personal changes. Once individuals accept their personal change issues, what follows it to align the issues with those of the new environment.

In conclusion, we can note that change is unsettling. Change extracts all resources both at operational levels and at human levels. The easiest way to go through this is to ensure we listen and care for everyone. This way advocating change slowly each day at a time will be effective.


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