Victims and Victimizations

When an individual’s life normalcy is interrupted due to other individual’s arrogance, it is not only his or her perception of thinking suffers but also his or her focus towards the good. For that reason there has been disrespect toward that which is sanctified in him. Actually a person who is harmed or made to experience bad moments he or she is termed as a victim. A victim is always taken advantage of and tricked or even blinded from the truth. On the other hand the process in which one is victimized through the pattern of being deceived is known as victimization. Victimization occurs when a member of society is swindled. In other words a victim is any person who undergoes victimization.

Victimization can be noticed through peer influence whereby it is practiced by youths in school, play ground and even at homes. Despite the fact of being age mates there are still those individual who seem to be greater than others because of their body size or even there economic background. Due to this they take that advantage to bully those who seem to be weak by that making the weaklings to be victims of their inhuman behavior.

In case of further victimization from the original one, which is known as secondary victimization or post crime victimization the victim suffers more as a result of the stigmatizing nature of society and other uncouth behaviors within an institution in contact with the victim. For example the reliance of medical personnel on gambling diagnosis will affect the victim in contact with the doctor because it will be a trial and error diagnosis which is not accurate for solving the victim’s health sufferance. The victims will continue to suffer, like in the case of a person suffering from a socially repugnant disease. The causality is frowned upon, manifestation and sufferance embarrasses the individual and management is stigmatizing.

Due to this the victim would be isolated and stigmatized, sometimes the consequences of such disease poses a risk around the sufferer for example whooping cough, cholera in Africa and tuberculosis. According to NEL, the neglecting of victim needs by providers can so closely imitate victim’s experience at the hands of the assailants that secondary oppression is sometimes called “the secondary rape” or the “second assault.” Social workers believe and behavior can also be sources of secondary victimization for example avoiding offering the appropriate services such as pregnancy testing, advising rape survivors about the deadly illness HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, and legal procedure of how to file a case of sexual assault.

In the works of Campbell, R. & Raja a study was conducted and noticed that many of the victims who were minority or low income rape survivors were treated in a manner which was re-traumatizing due to the status one belonged to, also the clinicians who had contact with the victims and were well paid reported that contact with social service agencies was helpful for victims in the aftermath rape.

Whenever a victim of crime has statistically higher affinity to be victimized again, either shortly or much later in adulthood in the case of abuse as a child is referred to us as revictimization, it is mostly notable in cases of sexual abuse. Studies from samples collected conclude that the rate of victimization is dense for persons with histories of sexual abuse. The risks of adulthood are not only based on sexual abuse but also the physical abuse. Revictimization occurs as a result of the risk factors that already existed, which were not altered after the first victimization occurred. There are other times when the victims cannot control these factors like living in dirty places, substance abuse, unemployment and unsettled family relations. Scientists argue with the support of their theories that some of the behaviors are practiced from childhood and persist to adulthood. The victims are a cultured with negative values and see them as normal whereby they will expect others to behave the same in context of relationships, and thus unknowingly stick to abusive relationships. This type of behavior is based on maladaptive learning theory.

Self victimization usually noticed when an individual dictate others and try to bring the false consciousness tactic by manipulating others. A politician will use a fake ideology just for the purpose of controlling his or her supporters so that to achieve his personal goal or re-elected to enjoy the legitimate position and protect his or her wealth. It is just like making false promises to seek attention.

According to NEL, many victims of abuse and manipulation often get stuck into a self- image of victimization. This way of thinking is characterized by feeling of helplessness and negative thinking which can cause an individual to be unproductive due to the sense of despair and even hopelessness. One cannot think about the future because he or she has already given up. This psychological profile of victimization also termed as victim mentality causes victims of abuse to have strong feeling of shame and guilt.

Victimization is a notion in employment law which brings out the sufferance which employees go through by being abused; whoever tries to fight the discrimination is dismissed. The ways which matters are controlled is unlawful due to high rate of favoritism in the organization. The rule of law is not applicable in such situation as a sign of impartiality within the establishment.

State involvement in the victims right would probably assist, the existence of strong legal protection will eliminate discrimination for the rule of law is better than by man. States without legal protection is weak they don’t notify victims of their rights and available services.

To sum up the whole discussion, it is important to acknowledge that despite the fact that malicious mankind exists one should be watchful of not falling as their prey, also the level of civilization we are; one is supposed to be fully aware of his or her rights accordingly, assist the helpless to know their rights and any person victimized should visit any authority mandated to protect their rights.  To the clinicians and other social service professions, they need an elaborate training about how to work with victims of violence to prevent post crime victimization. It is should most importantly be noted however that victims, including crime victims have legal rights that should entitle them to basic services from the government. In the same way the defendant has the right to a fair trial and to counsel, the society is gratified to guarantee basic rights for citizens who are law-abiding. Their rights vary from victim compensation to sufficient protection from violent crimes and support from the criminal justice system.


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