The University of Rochester


Headed by Joel Seligman (president of central administration), the University of Rochester has over the years evolved to be one of the most academically fulfilling institutions in the world. The University of Rochester has a low student to teacher ratio of 9:1. This gives the learning process ample learning space for both the teacher and the student ensuring maximum contact. The purpose of this paper is to generate a college application essay, and relevant information to develop the potential reasons why a student would want to seek a transfer to the University of Rochester.

I seek to be admitted to your university to upgrade my academic status. The University of Rochester has over the years led in quality service delivery in the field of learning. The adequate facilities and a serene learning environment add to the learning accelerators that I need to achieve my academic goals. The business faculty is equipped with bright minds which facilitate teaching and better student management and that I wish to be associated with. The drive to joining this school specifically is the success associated to the business individuals who are alumni to the University. I wish to broaden my field of business knowledge within the University of Rochester and interact with many other ambitious business students.

Studying in the University of Rochester will help me out rightly qualify in the business field and subsequent fields that are of interest to me. The University’s equipment and facilities are sufficient for the development of one’s interests and talents. In academics, there is an ample and equipped library, which I can find information. Unlike other universities, the University of Rochester has invested heavily in the field of academics which is important in shaping the deeds of the students in future. It is for this reason that I believe that this university will help me achieve the most important purpose of academic institutions- academic qualification.

The university will help me develop my extracurricular activities such as my talent in sports and games to a great extent. The presence of excellent sporting material and equipment and experiences coaches is a distinguishing factor of the university to other academic institutions in their attempts of molding an all rounded student in the society. It provides room for innovation by creating schedules for development workshops, which provides the students with chances to present their inventions. In my view, this is a solid ground to initiate, develop, present, and entertain objective criticism from fellow students. In the long run, this will help boost my confidence and public speaking skills.

The University of Rochester offers a form of education that helps the students going through the university experience learn more about real life, which is a necessary tool in developing their character and behavior in the future. Unlike the mode of education system in other universities and colleges, the University of Rochester has a system that creates considerable space for uninterrupted development of character and most importantly, the freedom of expression. This kind of provision will give me the opportunity to assess, evaluate and discover my strengths and weaknesses in the course of the duration in the school. Self-realization will enable me work towards being more organized, methodical, and responsible.

These aspects are non-academic and can only be acquired through the daily interactions with the elite in this University. The university experience will expose me to a completely new world of education and knowledge sharing which aid in intensifying my network. Mingling with fellow students is likely to lead to sound and long lasting relationship in future that may come in handy in the business world. The activities and events in the University will improve my communication skills which will be necessary in the application of the academic education acquired. Communication skills are part of my crucial interests since I will need them to relate effectively with the members of my society (whom I choose to serve after this academic achievement).

The University of Rochester instills a deep sense of distinguishing right and wrong. It also emphasizes the very essence of dwelling in a democratic world; this will equip me with the necessary knowledge to ensure that as a good and loyal citizen to this country, I am clearly informed of what is required of me. Some of the objectives I seek to achieve with this very transfer into this university is to fulfill my academic thirst in acquiring a certificate of completion in the field of CPA (Certified Public Accounting). Largely, graduating from this school in this field will not only make me a qualified accounting individual but also an adequately knowledgeable citizen.

I am convinced that throughout my university life, I will encounter life-building experiences that will shape my leadership qualities and improve my decision-making capability. Similarly, I have always had the urge to serve the society as a volunteer. Offering services to the community will help me acquire resourceful information on life and by encountering life-changing situations, one is able to obtain useful information. The other goal for joining the University is to network with people who are from all walks of life. Associating with these students will expand my knowledge base.


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