The Implication of the Article for Teaching

The article is a justification of the social stratification of the society, which is a Socio-linguistic perspective of diversity in the classroom. As clearly shown, there are the dominant and the less dominant speakers of English Language. Therefore, this implies that there is need to increase people’s awareness on the consequence s of stereotyping English speakers on their accent. Essentially, the students should not classify their colleagues based on the accents, as this would jeopardize the whole process of learning. On the other hand, the instructors have the role to create a learning environment where English speakers do not feel discriminated based on the accent of their speech.

In addition, the speech segregates the students in a classroom, thereby making the process of learning extremely difficult. This implies that there is need for the instructors to apply teaching modes that eliminates the stigmatization of those students with linguistic problems. It means that such students should not be devalued based on their speech, but on their understanding of the concepts being taught in class.


It is a common belief that a class of differences language speakers is a den of confusion, as some students who speak quickly and those who speak ‘broken’ English might be unpleasant to their colleagues. Indeed, it calls for the instructor not to apply a descriptive judgment in teaching, but formulate a reasonable means of making the students learn from the mistakes of their colleagues. As a result, this might harmonize the interaction of the various English speakers in a classroom, thereby eliminating a Socio-linguistic perspective of diversity, among the students in the classroom.

Finally, the speech also implies that the social prejudices that the leading class of language speakers enjoy on their less powerful ones, should be harmonized. The social and linguistic stereotypes should therefore be discussed in class; to mitigate the chances of classifying people on their speech accents as this has no bearing on personality. For effective teaching of English in class, Language speakers should not be graded in class as it may demoralize those who have been graded lowly as poor language speakers. Therefore, instructors should mediate the teaching criteria to accommodate all the language speakers regardless of race and one’s accents. Consequently, the Socio-linguistic perspective of diversity in the classroom could be perceived an obsession of the past.

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