The Core Functions of Public Health


The kind of information that is gathered and also analyzed to assist in comprehending the needs of the community in relation to public health issue: This information including monitoring the health status in the community so as to identify the health problems which helps to take an immediate measure so as to counteract this problems before they exceed to an extent that it would be hard to control them. Investigations and diagnosing of health problems and also health hazards in the community should also be done carried out. This enables the community members to avoid all the hazard ways that would lead to health problems in the community. However, if by any chance there is a certain infection, it should be diagnosed so as to get its cause and also get the right measures and precautions for that certain infection which leads to health problems. The community members should also evaluate the effectiveness, the accessibility, and also the quality of health services offered to a person and to the population. The services offered should be of high quality in that the public amenities such as hospitals should offer services which are affordable to the people and also it should be located in areas which are accessible (McKenzie, 2004).

Policy Developments

Policies and also plans which support an individual and also the community should be developed to promote the health efforts .Policies such as strengthening the role of public health nurse leaders in policy development . This helps to identify and also analyze the factor which affects the ability of public nurse leaders which influences the public health policy developments. Developments such as introductions of community health Needs Assessment, which helps to gather information about health, health resources which are available in the community and building some commitments and also support on the work of addressing community health. Laws and regulations should also be enforced to protect and also ensure safety in the health such as enforcing sanitary codes which ensures safety of the environment. Research for new insights and also innovative solutions of the health problems this includes linking this solution with academic organizations and also with the capacity for economic analyses and epidemiologic.



People should also be linked to the needed personal health services and also promise the provision of health care when it is unavailable which increase the access to the healthcare. People should also be assured of a capable public health and also personal health care workforce for example education and training all the public care providers. People should also be educated and also be empowered about the health issues for example social marketing and also health promotion. Mobilizing the community partnerships identify and be able to solve health problems. This can be done by convening and also facilitating the community to promote health.

How quality of related services are maintained and also monitored

In order to ensure quality of the related services, there is the determination and also monitoring water quality. The wells from which the water is got should be well monitored by ensuring that these wells are well covered after use. The waste water should also be treated as it is being disposed. This ensures that there is good sanitation and this promotes good health to the community. So as to fight these health problems it is important to identify the water-quality problems. Water that is to be consumed by people should be first treated with disinfectants. The community should also be immunized against infections so as to prevent them from getting infected with this disease. The community should also be encouraged to get tested for diseases such as the STDs, particularly the HIV. This is quite prerequisite as it enables them know their status and they should also be given some counseling and pieces of advice to enable them live comfortable and it actually boosts their health through the evasion of some draw back backs such as stress. Before people take food, investigations for food-borne disease should be carried out so as to avoid eating contaminated food which would lead to health problems. Mothers should always ensure that they have given their children the oral vaccines to prevent them from getting infected with childhood diseases. The community should also ensure that there are well protected from all sort of thing which can poison them. Diseases the likes of diabetes should be well screened to help the people who are infected to carry themselves in the right ways which would help them fight this disease.

High quality laboratories services should also be also are delivered since it an important element of promoting health-care for the foundation of clinical decisions and also as an objective way of measuring and also monitoring biological and environmental markers. So as to effectively communicate to the public and also promote the opportunities for their participation in the public health assessment process, it happens to be necessary to be able to understand all the basics terminologies of describing this process, the overall goals and the objectives of the community involvement and roles of several agencies program to the community involvement processes. The government takes part in these functions by ensuring that it has provided enough public amenities such as hospitals which will cater for needs of the population. The community also has an important role to play in that it ensure that it has known its right as a citizen of a certain country where they carry out campaigns to ensure that the government  provides all health care measures that they require. As an individual in the community they try to keep high standard of cleanness so as to avoid infections which would affect their health in the future (Klass, 1994).

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