Terrorism in recent years has turned to be a household name with the effects of the act of terrorism been felt virtually in every corner of this wide world. However common and widely known the act may be, there is still no universally agreed term that defines the word. The word is politically and emotionally charged and it’s most common definition is the act of violence intended to create fear and/or terror, perpetrated for a political, religious or ideological goals without necessarily regarding the safety of non-combatants mostly civilians and they are committed by individuals. As it is politically charged, it is normally used by states to delegitimize the efforts of political or other enemies who might be threat to their proper functioning. It is an act of criminality that influences an audience beyond the immediate victim.

In a situation where there is terrorism, sophisticated groups which are responsible for the wave of mayhem are formed with able leaders and/or commanders. With this in place, there arises a terrorist group or organization. This groups and/or organization have one goal in common which is to cause widespread fear amongst the non-combatants which leaves the non combatants with the least of options but to be submissive of the demands made by the groups. The terrorist groups need a massive base of terrorist and they therefore recruit the young strong adolescents and adults into the group which they at times do forcefully.

Whether there are any common sociological and/or psychological characteristics of people who are recruited into terrorist organization, is still an unsolved puzzle. Hand accurate analysis of the acts of terrorism seems to bring out the fact that there somehow someway have to be a link in their experiences in life. Talking about the common sociological characteristic, we can’t fail to accept the fact that a terrorist group formed within a particular societal setting, will explain to the youths the negativities their social life and background has brought to them. This is a strategy the terrorist groups use in a bid to gather a huge support base from the youths living in the area of their operations.


They appeal to the youths to look at their social life, they again try to make them understand that this is the situation mainly because of a number of factors, they promise the same youths that these factors that have brought them trouble is what they are fighting and struggling against, this leaves the youths with no option but to see the revelations from the always negative terrorists point of view, they pity themselves and this makes them resolve to joining the group with the mindset of trying to better their future and overcome their past. Sociological concept been in place, there definitely will be psychological, here they would be terrorist have the same troubled mind and therefore face the same tribulations min within their very selves, this they believe can be removed by joining the terrorist groups and freeing their conscience.

Therefore we cannot deny the fact that there is a great link between the sociological and psychological characteristics of those who join terrorist groups. And these are the factors which influence them, looking back and seen like they are oppressed and therefore resulting to them joining the terror groups. All this can be justified by, for instance in a case where there is religious conflict, the terrorist groups will pry into the innocence of the youths affected. They will gamble with their conscience and inform them that the other religion was responsible for this unwanted situation. If they take this personal, then the youths will definitely be inclined to the terrorist groups and with this mindset they are capable of been very fierce terrorist.

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