Teaching Experience in an Urban Setting

The achievement of any student in an urban school is mainly based on the kind and form of staff involved in their modeling. As a teacher A personally  concerned about the achievement of my students and the rest of the students in terms of their academic abilities, weaknesses and their power of understanding. To gain these knowledge of students, I categorize the students into groups of fast learning, average and slow learning students. Their cultural backgrounds although vast, trying to understand them help to build classroom chemist with them. As a direct contribution to their achievement I give them, especially the average and the slow learning students, a set of assignments and project work that sets the pace into coinciding with the abilities of the fast learners, by doing this a leveled environment of understanding is created to boost comfort ability in the classroom and around the school that psyches individual student to be ready in maximizing their focus to achieving their best.

Before setting up competitions you always are required to equip the participants equally and effectively, for this matter I test students individually according to their level of understanding, until a uniform kind of understanding is achieved that’s when I set the students up against each other on a leveled academic battle, in the attempt of every particular student out to out shine their colleague, their achievement level is boosted and the general mood concerning the learning environment is fairly accommodating.

In every institution, reports must be compiled according to the performance of that particular establishment, these reports are based on data in form of numerical statistics or graphical representations, the purpose of collecting this data is to get a picture of general performance of a firm and how to improve certain areas. In my case I use a certain type and form of data as follows: general and specific performance of a student; strength and weakness of a student; general decline and improvement of a student in class; psychological structure of a student.


With  general performance data, I check the records of students in the way they fair in other subjects besides mine, this then reflects the areas where intervention is required. Specific performance entails the grades a student is getting in subjects I teach or related to them, in this case I establish a rescue plan to pull that student from the decline if he/she is in the negative axis. When the general and specific data is collected it helps in the compilation of strengths and weaknesses of students, in this I outline the subjects and chapters of concern that need reviewing for better performance of the student. In order to get insight of the achievement characteristic of a student, I present the students’ performance over a certain period of time on a graph, this results to the discovery of how the student has been fairing, whether he/she ahs been improving or falling in grades, this enables my decision on the kind of help a student needs. With the data in place, it’s easy to offer relevant support to a student to reflect positively in his/her performance.

Experience and performance are different from one another, however, the two are related in the sense that they need to go hand in hand, anyone can perform ok for a certain assignment but with experience one can produce good performance over a course. Throughout my profession I have established chemistry with the work I do, this encompasses, being passionate about my work, gaining interest to being performance oriented, acquiring knowledge and skill on dealing vast majority of differing psychologies. Having been successful in driving individuals to success through quality tutoring I have embarked in keeping the quality of my teaching services at the top by updating and upgrading my awareness of the subject according to the changing teaching patterns and curriculums.

With continued learning and teaching, I have believed that experience isn’t all that matters in developing effectiveness in teaching, team work and determination to listen in the working environment helps to build up personal esteem and raise the standards of work. The creation of discussion groups or seminars for subject teachers has helped develop quality teaching and positive results. As a result of my experience and routine of my teaching, I plan to establish subject discussion groups of my own with subject teachers across the state hear and share knowledge and deduce a plan to strive development.

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