Standardized Testing

Topic Selection

This topic was chosen in order to explore the consequences of standardized testing on students’ academic performance. Modern education is characterized by standardized testing as the main focus of assessment in the education system. Therefore, standardized testing should be consistent so that it can be considered an effective tool of assessment. Standardized testing has been found inconsistent and therefore, unreliable.

Understanding Standardized Testing

A standardized test is a type of an assessment tool that is administered and graded in a consistent way.  The questions, administration conditions, grading procedures, and its interpretations, should be consistent. They are considered fairer than un-standardized tests. Standardized testing offers the basis for curriculum development. However, it has been found to have a negative impact on education because creative thinking has been watered down and therefore, education has lost its value. Standardized testing characterized educational system as examination oriented.

Why haven’t Standardized Testing Positively Impacted Education?

Standardized testing increases lack of creative and critical thinking among high school students and this paves way for an examination oriented educational system. Standardized testing may be considered as the end of instruction because it connects teacher performance and student achievement. This kind of testing has been found to retain many students in the same grade, which damages the students emotionally and therefore, resulting in an increased rate of school dropout. Standardized testing encourages schools to focus mainly on specific areas, which denies students a chance of studying some materials for better lives in the future. All schools across the world differ from one another in terms of infrastructure and style of teaching that teachers employ to impart new skills to students. Therefore, standardized testing may hinder those students who lacked favorable learning environment.

Context of the problem

New York State Regent examination is an example of standardized tests that are used in twenty eight states across America. These tests specifically assess the students’ knowledge in specific disciplines like mathematics and reading. While most people consider this kind of testing to be unjust, some individuals agree to standardized tests.

Background information

The Georgia High School Graduation Test and End of Corse Test (EOCT) have improved learning and teaching in Georgia’s education system for the 9th to12th graders. This is especially when they are coupled with other assessments such as the GHSGT. It has been found that when a standardized test is well structured, it offers an evaluation of an individual’s knowledge in a domain which will offer important information at a certain aggregation level. Standardized tests cannot measure creativity, imagination, conceptual thinking, initiative, judgment, effort among various aspects of learning.

Purpose of the study

The research is meant to gather information on standardized testing, evaluate it, and determine its effectiveness. The study will reinforce the positive effects and dispute the negative ones. The study’s findings will be used to enhance collaboration and learning through standardized testing within learning institutions.

The Problem Statement

The standardization curriculum has been found too inflexible for even teachers and it negatively impacts on the innovative skills of students. This proposal will therefore, address the negative issues regarding standardized testing.

Research questions

The research is meant to determine how the standardized testing has negatively affected the education system. There will be a question on the innovation ideas that can help improve the standardized tests. The curriculum of standardization will be investigated whether it negatively diminishes creativity among teachers.

Significance of the Study

The research is mainly meant to determine the negative contributions of standardized testing to education educational systems. Through the research findings, ways of alleviating the negative consequences of standardized testing can be identified and therefore, can help improve educational systems. Through the research, a decision can be made on whether to continue employing standardized tests for assessing and measuring students’ performances.


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