Nowadays dentistry combines business and health care service. Besides, dentists have to treat their patient with respect regardless of racial and cultural differences. I believe that each dentist should be professional and above all take into account the needs of patients, because a doctor guiding principle may be denied as “do no harm” both physically and morally.

As a result of watching the sociodrama act in class, I think that professionals in the field of oral health have to deliver culturally sensitive care to diverse patient populations. It should be noted that there are inequities in oral health that concern social, structural, personal socioeconomic, and geographic factors. However, taking into account my previous experience, not all dentists adhere to ethical standards. Once I observed how a doctor treated two patients in different ways because of their racial affiliation. I consider this behavior of a dentist to be inadmissible. Dentists have to be prepared to communicate effectively with culturally different patients. There are community-based resources for patients with special health care needs and this sociodrama convinced me of that dentists should be familiar with such resources. They also should encourage such assistance. Also, dentists have to take care of their own safety by working with such patients. It is worth noting that this sociodrama had a great impact on me. During the sociodrama, I realized that I want to practice in the field of organized dentistry. I think it is the way to demonstrate a social and ethical commitment for the society. I believe that organized dentistry and advocacy help people not to feel vulnerable.

In conclusion, this sociodrama demonstrated that each dentist should be professional and above all take into account the needs of patients. It had a great impact on me. I evaluated my previous experience and realized the importance of the concept of organized dentistry.