Profiling among Law Enforcement

Most often the security agents have been caught off-guard on how they respond to situations when a gang or a terror group attacks. Due to the tensing situation and lack of enough evidence, some people have been profiled as the perpetrators of the crimes. For instance, when there has been a bomb blast in the European and North America Countries, the first suspects are the Arabs and particularly the Muslims. Majorly it is because of the perceived enmity between the two religion and also because most of these terror group profess to be Muslims which is the predominant religion among the citizens of these countries (Bulman, 2017).

 Moreover, the black Americans of Africa origin have almost been said to be involved in gangs that cause crimes in the united states of America which is reflected in the cells where they take over 60% of the total number of prisoners.  The profiling mostly involves targeting a person of particular race, religion or complexion by assumed characteristics rather than on the facts on the table. Such profiling is harmful as they are passed from one generation to the other building enmity among the communities living in an area. This profiling can be majorly towards the minority communities. In the Asian countries, the profiling is done against the Christians who reside there. There have been cases where they are hanged by the Asian countries bringing a picture of how this vice has spread all over.


There are many strategies to help combat this vice, and the major one is having individuals from the profiled communities’ part of the security team. That is a significant step as they will help during the investigation and help the security agency in understanding the profiled community. For instance, if an incidence happens in city members who come from the profiled community should lead the investigations team as they know their communities very well and they can be able to point out the issues (Patel, 2017). In the case of a Muslim community, there are the radical individuals who are extremist in their teaching on how to relate with Christians, on the other hand, there are other worshippers of the origin who teach and promote peace among the community and members of the other religion. It will take the security agents of the Muslim background to identify these individuals easily than the whole doctrine of Muslim being profiled to be a terror religion.

The second is training the members of the profiled communities to speak out. Most often the communities since they are all profiled as gangs will want to protect that rogue member in the society. To present the profiling, civic education on the community members as well as the security agencies on how they should approach these issues. In the long run, the cities will start speaking on who amongst themselves is a terrorist or a gang. They will begin to feel appreciated and part of the larger group. On the other hand, the security agents and the investigations team will approach the how issue with caution and understanding.


Muslims, blacks, Asian and people of mixed race are more likely to be arrested than white people. There may be some elements which are criminals from these communities, but in the recent times, we are seeing crime and terrorists attack being perpetrated by the whites, and Christian who calls for the agencies to change tactics on how they are approaching some of these issues. Perhaps this profiling could be the reason why the gangs and terrorists have not been able to be wholly whipped and once this tact is changed, there will positive results on this menace.