Motivation and Team Work

Motivation and team work are the epitome of organizational success. From my experience as a Store’s Manager, I have had to content with this fact. So many are the times I have seen these aspects being displayed. For the two organizations, I have worked with I have seen significant differences in terms of motivation and team work that have resulted in the success or the downfall of these two organizations.

In terms of employee motivation and team work at the work place communication paramount, a number of times I am forced to post pone store operations due to miscommunication or lack of it. Sores for instance would require constant communication between managers and suppliers. It would also require that there is proper communication between the stores and the administration of purchases.

Influence of Human Resource on Organizational Success

Human Resource is such an esteemed department in any organization. As such the handling of Human Relations matters in any organization is a key aspect to the well running of any organization. Great profit making conglomerates have been able to sow up to their achievement by putting Human Relation at the forefront of the daily activities. Proper coordination of the Human Relations will ensure that all departments of the organization are working well while, at the same time, the clients of the conglomerates are satisfied to the level that will be in a position to come more frequently.

A reputable company can only be rated by looking at the aspects that are the Human Relations connected. As such, it is of no coincidence that I have dealt with the case study of Cuero Ltd where I have previously worked as a Store’s manager. The fact that the company was formed in the Twentieth century and has grown to the level of opening other investments avenues points to the proper coordination of the company. It is only through the right people that team work is enabled. This requires that people in such an organization are committed to achieve goals of the organizations regardless of their working station.

Two Ways of Employees Motivation

Organizations are what they are from the ability of humans working with organizations to work in one voice. The word organization comes from the word “organ”. An organ is a part of an organism that performs a given role and hence cannot work without proper coordination from other part. The same way, an organization is composed of individuals who work together to ensure that organizations goals are realized.

Organs will also have their ability to perform the given duties affected by the external environment and by the stretch of the organ. The same way organizations running are affected by people who happen to be the consumers or customers of the organizations.

Being made of many people, organizations performance will depend on the actions of the members, which are actually a product of the influence of their personality. The handling of personnel in the organization as such has a direct impact to the results obtained by the organization. This is simply because humans are subject to motivation and change in behavior. Failure of coordination between employees or their departments will lead to outright under performance of the organization.

The manager of an organization has an obligation to ensure that things are done yet he or she cannot do it alone. As such other people in the name of workers come in. These workers are to work within the framework provided by the organization’s managers. For these workers to work well, there is a need for them to have the push factor that makes them to work towards the achievement of the organizations goals. This push factor brings the desire to work that is called motivation.

Employee motivation comes in two ways, the intrinsic and the extrinsic motivation. While intrinsic motivation comes from within an individual, extrinsic motivation mainly attributed to external factors.

Good managers will facilitate extrinsic motivation in a bid to ensure that their employees do a superb job also to facilitate their retention. The organization has so many ways of facilitating motivation. This may comes in various ways such as prompt pay of their salaries. Provision of suitable salary packages is a compelling case in point in boosting the motivation of the employees. While this may seem to be an expensive affair, the result will always be positive if well applied. Once the employees are motivated they are likely to work for better performance and as such the profits will be boosted.

There is no organization that is happy with high employee turn out. The constant employee turn out usually result in some form of policy discontinuity hence maximum output is not realized. The personnel department of organizations has, therefore, a substantial obligation of ensuring that its employees (people) are motivated to the level that they may never think of living the company. This can come in the way of employee privileges and fringe benefits. These are what make the workers of an organization to have the sense of ownership of the organization.

The Feedback Mechanism in Organization

In dealing with the employees, the organization must also keep in mind that the private life of an employee will definitely impact on his performance in the work place. This has brought in the need for organizations to consider giving a helping hand in improvement of the private life of its employees.

Employees will work well if there is a clear-cut framework that allows for feedback. The initiation of a proper feedback mechanism ensures that the grievances of the employees are brought out and that they are attended to. This is also an avenue that psychologically facilitates motivation. Any organization exists to satisfy its consumers, As such, the consumers’ behavior is paramount to the management of the organization. This brings up the second perspective of the Organization is people considerations.

Since all organizations exist with an aim of satisfying its clients or consumers of its product, the organization has no option but to ensure that it produces what consumers want. The organization has to ensure that its operations are geared towards customer satisfaction.

The management in reading the minds of the consumers must always do constant research. This is to always identify the changing market environment. The changing market environment will always reflect the patterns of consumer preference options. However, reading of consumers mind would only be possible if the basic needs of employees that serve the consumers’ are fully met. This means that a demotivated employee will not serve customers or clients of an organization to satisfaction.

The way the consumers/customers are handled in an organization will determine their decision to continue dealing with the organization or not, as such the organization must always be sensitive to the broad organization’s picture. It is the consumers (people) that keep the organization on its toes in doing constant research and facilitating necessary policy changes.

One cannot rule out the fact that the organization is people. From the employees to the consumers of an organizations product, it is people that make things happen. An organization can only maximize on its profits or ensure its goals are met if “people” are well considered and coordinated. Mt experiences have it clear that success at organizational levels is only possible through proper motivation and team work.


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