Learning Style

Different people learn quite differently, some perceive visual material better, other learn better from audio materials, still others tend to try things out themselves, learning physically. It seems quite important to know one's learning style, as by taking it into account a person can better organize their learning process, learn more, quicker and better, with better results. A person who better perceives audio material will not be successful if they apply visual methods of learning and vice versa, therefore knowing one's learning style will undoubtedly benefit their learning experience. As for myself, the VAK Learning Styles Indicator test has shown that I am preferably an auditory learner, but with a considerable number of instances where visual or physical options were chosen. When starting the test I suspected that the majority of my answers will refer to the auditory learning style, what was surprising was the quite a big number of answers favoring the physical style.

As the results have shown, my main learning style is auditory and it is really so. When having to deal with some new object I prefer to listen at first how I have to do the task and then remembering this auditory material have a go myself. This is also true when learning some new skills, I do not always get a clear picture of what I have to do if I only see the teacher do it, I understand the task much better if it is verbally explained. Still often I tend to use a mixture of visual and auditory methods, especially when it refers to studying new course material. I well perceive the lectures as the text uttered by the teacher is the main means of conveying information to the students. I do make notes but when revising for tests I tend to read them aloud and talk them over to myself. Hearing myself repeating the material lets me better remember the information than if I only read the notes silently.


Still in some aspects I feel the inclination to the physical learning style. It usually refers to some everyday instances as for example it is hard for me to remember people, their faces and names, if I do not know a person well I am almost sure to confuse their names, but I can easily remember what I have done. Another example is shopping. I like touching things and trying them on, this is the factor which lets me decide whether I like something or not.

There are some things which are quite difficult for me to do and some which are very easy. To learn new material is not a challenge as I can remember the information orally provided by the teacher and refresh it in my memory even more by reviewing and talking the notes over aloud. But what is difficult is remembering new people; I continuously confuse faces and names and often feel uncomfortable about it.

In the university, the fact that I am an auditory learner will be my advantage, as much of the material provided in the courses is conveyed via oral lectures; I will also be able to well remember the explanations provided by teachers for different tasks. Surely, at first the problem with confusing people's names will be quite uncomfortable as from the very beginning I will meet many new people, but in some time this problem will be resolved as I will remember everyone well.

To conclude, the test and its results seem very interesting as they show me how I am likely to behave in certain types of situations. I have also discovered that there is not one typical learning style for me, but rather that I apply a mixture of the three styles, with auditory style slightly prevailing over the other two. It seems vital to know one's learning style, as one should adjust their learning methods to it. The traditional model of studying puts some restrictions, as the usual way of teaching is lecturing and this is the auditory format, the other two groups should adjust their learning experience to this model. Knowing ones learning style is useful not only for the studying process but for many everyday life situations. The test gave me a better idea of how I behave in certain standard situations, in my opinion this is a useful piece of knowledge, as it might for example help in correcting one's behavior in certain spheres or just for learning more about oneself.

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