Is the Cost of Education Too High?

America is a land of opportunities; it has been said for the longest time. One can achieve just about anything if they put their heart and mind around it. The one thing that can be said to be a positive enhancer towards the achievement of one's goals is the acquisition of a good education from a reputable institution.

The government has done a commendable job in seeing to it that every state has universities and other tertiary colleges at the disposal of those in need of good education. The main hindrance to most of the people that keeps them away from pursuing college education is the high fees charged by the colleges.


College fees have increased over the years and although the median house hold income has also increased slightly, the cost of living has also risen to an all time high. This means that less and less people can manage to send their children or themselves through college on an average salary. Students who seek for college education outside of their state also have to pay higher college fees and they might be doing so because their preferred course is not offered within the colleges in their state.

One of the ways out for most people is through the acquisition of program loans and grants available from the government for those looking to pursue college education. These loans are difficult to service in the end since most people will not get jobs immediately after college and their little salaries are attached to repay the college loans.

The government should come up with a working formula to reduce the cost of college education by directly supporting higher education like they do for military academies. Higher education is a necessity for personal growth and for the growth of the economy since it is directly proportional to the quality of output by the populace.

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