Human Resource Management Theory


In reference to John (2002) Human resource management in both macro and micro organization is concerned with the functions of dealing with management of people within the organization. Thus human resource managers are charged with a number of responsibilities that come with this title name. To start with the department is concerned with hiring members of staff which involve attracting new employees, maintaining them in their positions and ensuring that they perform to the expected standards.

Moreover, the Human Resource management is also obligated with the function specification and setting daily goals to be achieved each day. It is responsible for performance appraisals, compensation and benefit analysis, training of employees, safety and health of employees and human resource research as well as the organization of people as a useful tool for development of the entire organization (Naomi, 2002).

Description of the macro consideration, in human resource management

John (2002) point out that, in micro level organization, human resource management is concerned analysis Uncontrollable external factors that influence an organization's decision making, and affect its performance and strategies affecting its employees competence and performance. Such factors entail management of economic factor, demographics, legal aspects, political influence, and social settings, technological changes and general perception of the community. At this level, special attention can be projected towards the macro environments which include competitors, changes in interest rates, changes in cultural tastes, government regulations among other factors that influence an organization but are out of its control.


In reference to Naomi (2005) macro environment keeps on changing constantly, organizations must be able to identify conflicting issues and settle them down. This can range from forceful competition to business rivals in a market place. To great extent it can be perceived as the Universal sociological elements that affect organizations human resource ability to manage its employees to serve its customers or sell its goods and services effectively .in addition the human resource ant macro level also examines individuals' potential, attitudes, skill, aspirations, knowledge and develops a concrete base for organizations economic development planning.

Description of the micro consideration of human resource management

Albert (1994) points out that, at micro level, human resource management is concerned with development and training of ground operational organizational personnel. He argues that this development is very essential since it foresees the future contribution of individual towards the organizational development. specifically ,human resource management at micro level addressees the issues of organization's planning, selection, training, performance appraisal, development, potential appraisal, compensation, organizational development in view of involving all key people to attain new skills so that they can meet the present job challenges and future job requirements.

How these considerations influence the overall function of an organization

Organizations should take into consideration all these functions when working on strategies to gain completive edge in the market place. For instance, Political environment, laws regulations and government policies that may affect or limit performance of organizations in the market place. In this regard, it is equally important for both companies and organizations human resource managers to understand that such policies are put in place for betterment of society and assurance of fair environment of market (Alan, 1996).

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