History and Systems in Psychology


“Know Thyself”. This is the statement made by the oracle when Socrates went to Delphi wherein he was told that it is of utmost importance in his life for him to know his true self. This statement is probably the main objective of philosophy because if you don’t know your own true self, how can you help other people and how can you solve some if not all the mysteries the surrounds life itself? It is due to this reason why Socrates was very unique compared to other philosophers because he never gave a solid answer for every question raised whenever he had a discourse with those people who just loved to listen to their discussions. He made them give their own opinion and he listened to them without condemnation. He believed in freedom of speech including the idea of other gods aside from the god that their government recognized where he was charged for impiety and heresy including corruption of the youths.

Knowledge of Your Own True Self

To “know thyself” is not as easy as what you think because we act accordingly on whom we are associated with. More often than not, we behave what others expect of us under the call of good morale and conduct. Socrates has taught us not to immediately accept our opinion as the correct one but rather we should step back and examine the veracity and compactness of what we believed in. This simply means that you need to ask yourself once again if you believed in what you say or is it because you said it because it is what is required of you?


This is the time when we seem not to be sure of ourselves that we do what we commonly call as “soul searching”. It is for this reason that our mind and body have the conflict because it is indeed hard to separate our mind and body and have their own ways. Our mind and body is our whole being so it should be in coordination to each other. Our body and mind is interconnected with each other therefore, it cannot be separated from each other. Therefore, our body and mind should maintain its balance just like any gravitational force. There is also a saying: “The mind is willing but the body is weak”. When this happens, the body will experience the bodily death but the mind cannot die physically though it goes along with the body when it deteriorates.

In our modern world today, I can say that life if full of pretence and deceit because there are rules to be followed even if it is against your will. Therefore you are not true to yourself. The real essence is that the truth is facing reality itself hence many seek the truth. Individuals have their own interpretation of seeking the truth and that’s the reason why different religion existed today. With all these in mind, after 2,400 years or even after million years, I believe that man will still be the same as the man of today because it is almost impossible for man to retrace his steps backward as the simple man whose only basic needs in life is food, shelter and sex. The man of the new era longs for more that his basic needs hence he had reached the moon and to go on further and who knows, after 2,400 years, we will find another place to live where there is no more corruption in the society.

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