Attention-Getting Quote: Who here has heard the quote, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” If you are familiar with this quote, you probably know that Martin Luther King Jr, a social activist, and public rights leader said this. MLK Jr. was a firm believer in forgiveness. He believed that we could change society by forgiving those that hurt us, according to his sermon published in The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr., Volume VI.

Personal credibility: My name is Angela Le, and I too know first-hand how withholding forgiveness can trigger havoc in different aspects of your life. Growing up, I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to love. My parents were divorced and my siblings and I lived with my dad, who never took an interest in anything I had to do or say. Instead, there was always criticism, insults, and silence. I grew up depressed, unhealthy and withdrawn. Till one day I went out to a party and woke up in a hospital bed, being told that I was very lucky to be alive. I didn’t speak to my dad for 8 years after that night. Bitterness and hatred blinded me and I honestly thought that I would never see or speak with my dad again as he made me move out of his house 1 month into my senior year of high school. The years to come were chaotic and messy, here I was thinking to myself, “Oh great, what a bad person I have turned into, I’m the girl with daddy issues.”

Thesis/Message: I believe that we should forgive those that have wronged or hurt us so that we may set our mind and body free.

Preview of main points: To forgive you must know 3 main things, who to forgive, forgiveness frees you, and forgiveness allows you to heal.

Transitional word or phrase: Forgiveness breeds life.


Main Point

  • Who we should forgive?

We’ve all felt wronged in one way or another at one point in our lives. Sure, it may be easier to forgive someone who took the last parking spot you were waiting for or someone who has 30 items in the express lane at the Grocery store. But who you really need to forgive are those closest to you. They have the biggest impact on your psyche and they are also the ones who can hurt you the most, according to an article named Everyday Aggression Takes Many Forms by Deborah South Richardson. In spite of all, it is critical to forgive any person who might have hurt to allow you to move on with your life.

  • Forgiveness frees you

From a personal perspective, forgiving someone helps to free you. The decision to forgive someone defines the ultimate decision to choose grace over continued resentment and bitterness. People should understand that forgiving someone does not justify their hurtful behavior and actions. However, choosing forgiveness sets you free. According to Adams and Inesi (2016), it is always appropriate to do good to all persons that hate you. Forgiveness is the best weapon to conquer life and have the freedom to achieve numerous life desires.

  • Forgiveness allows to heal

When a person hurts you, it is important for you to forgive to allow for a process of healing. In most occasions, people might hold onto past struggles and would hurt their life through creating more negativity in their life. Normally, it is necessary for people to have positive view of life and get support from their friends and families. If you do not forgive the persons who wrong you, it becomes a challenge to engage them and heal fully (Hargrave, & Zasowski, 2016). Thus, it is critical to forgive any person who has hurt you to allow for the heal and bring about positivity in your life.


In summary, forgiveness is a core aspect of life that helps to bring about the freedom of mind and soul. Choosing to love over hate is critical and eliminates all forms of negativity in a person’s life. People should try to forgive all close friends and relatives because the people have significant impact on your life. Forgiveness helps to free you by overcoming resentment and bitterness. It is also necessary to forgive people in allowing you to heal. The process of personal healing is effective when you forgive people. Therefore, overcoming bitterness to bring about positivity in life calls for forgiveness that brings about positive perceptions.