Factors Influencing Ridesharing Behavior Mediated By Perceived Saftey In Malaysia

Chapter One: Introduction

1.0. Introduction

Transportation is becoming difficult on daily basis due to the costs and inappropriate means of transport, especially when people are traveling for luxury or long distance. Due to such reasons, it has been necessary to come up with effective means of transport to meet the expectations of the clients. Aday and Cornelius argue that advancement in technology has enabled the world to move to another level in all sectors, including transportation. Ridesharing is one of the most effective methods, and its main objective is to enable the passengers to save the money. In ridesharing, the passengers are picked and dropped at any designated point since a car tends to take the longer route in order to provide the services to as many people as possible. In this mode of transportation, the drivers mostly drive alternately, especially when it involves private ride. Thus, ridesharing has become a common phenomenon in many countries such as Malaysia.

Although the ridesharing is common in Malaysia, it is difficult to explain the factors that attribute to the increase of its popularity. According to Blair, Czaja and Blair, there are many studies that have been conducted with an effort to find out the reasons as to why the ridesharing is so popular. Most of the reports are contradictory to each other; hence, there is a need for proper research to be done to harmonize the results. The safety of ridesharing, especially in cases where cabs are to be used, has to be considered. It is one of the factors that have been overlooked by most of the researchers. Considering this gap of information, there is a need to perform a research with the focus on the safety of the ridesharing in Malaysia. In this case, therefore, it is the prime interest of this study to investigate the factors influencing ridesharing behaviours mediated by perceiving safety in Malaysia.

1.1. Aims of the Research

The research is aiming at finding out the factors that attribute to the popularity of ridesharing behaviour in Malaysia and the precaution that have to be considered for the safety purpose of the travellers.

1.2. The Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the study are to:

  • Examine the factors that have led to the popularity of the ridesharing in Malaysia.
  • Assess how the speculated economic benefits and reputation of the ridesharing have influenced the people to use it.
  • Investigate how the enjoyment and sustainability of ridesharing pushed people to choose this service during the time of travel.
  • Describe the safety of ridesharing as a factor that affects the decision of a traveller to select the ridesharing as the most favourite means of travel.

1.3. Research Questions

The study is guided by the following research questions:

  • What impact does popularity of ridesharing have to Malaysians?
  • What impact do economic factors and efficiency of ridesharing have to Malaysians as they use ridesharing?
  • What impact do luxury and sustainability of the ridesharing have to the clients as they use ridesharing services?
  • What impact does the safety of ridesharing have to Malaysians while using ridesharing as the meaning of traveling?

1.4. Significant of the Study

Malaysia has one of the highest traffic congestion rates, especially in the cities. It has been stated that there is always about 28,181,203 vehicles on the road in Malaysia on the daily basis. The high number of vehicles has been attributed to the fact that there is a high rate of vehicle ownership in Malaysia. Malaysia is third in the world in terms of vehicle ownership since it has about 93 % car ownership. Multiple car ownership is also another factor which has increased the traffic snail in most of the major towns of Malaysia. In fact, 54 % of the households in Malaysia own more than one car. It means that there is a high possibility to find that more than one car from the same household on the road at the same time instead of using one car as a family.

The proposed research is aimed at finding out the reasons why the ridesharing is becoming popular. The findings also indicate how the ridesharing affects the safety of Malaysians who opt to use this mode of travelling. The lawmakers might use the findings to focus while making the laws to ensure that ridesharing has become secure. The lawmakers can use the advantages of the ridesharing to encourage people to use this means of transportation.

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Factors Influencing Ridesharing Behavior Mediated By Perceived Saftey In Malaysia