Cushing’s disease

The healthcare issue discussed is the Cushing’s disease. The solution to this disease is having more health care funds from the federal government and other relevant bodies to help those diagnosed with the disease foot the expensive treatment amount. The solution with other team members is related in that there is a common agreement in the solution that the disease is curable and that the only hindrance is the expensive treatment it requires.

The journal Economic burden of Multiple chronic comorbidities associated with Cushing’s disease, a rare endocrine Disorder provided the strongest insights gained from this research. The primary reason why the Cushing’s disease stands out is the fact that it costs a lot of money to cure it hence increasing the mortality rate. This article was critical as it highlighted the economic burden of having and curing this disease.

The scientific perspective was the most revealing. This perspective explains the Cushing’s disease in detail, covering the causative agents and the symptoms. The scientific perspective also explains the relationship between the causative agent and the treatment. Without this perspective, it is impossible to understand the Cushing’s disease.

The solution from the group members that I did not consider is that the conventional use of medications against the opportunistic infections associated with Cushing’s disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and depressions is ineffective. Removing Cushing’s disease tumors to disable it from catching ACHT is more effective. Also, use of additional vitamin D or calcium to prevent thinning of the bone can be of help.

Regarding the order of importance of the perspectives of inquiry, the mathematical perspective focuses on the implications of the Cushing’s disease on the people’s economic well-being and the associated expenses. Caring for and managing the condition is very costly and the patient needs frequent and expensive attention. This also impacts the national spending given that the disease has various comorbidities covered by federal government insurance schemes including Medicare.  Scientific on the other hand, reveals the disease etiology and the associated scientific details. Mathematical level of perspective is of more consequence (1) compared to scientific (4).

I had not considered the cost perspective of the Cushing’s disease. I had initially focused mainly on the scientific details of it.