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Article summary

In the selected news report the reporter has discussed the mental/bipolar disorder, the patient’s insight feelings and the effect of curative communication among call center representatives and patients. Despite the fact that the report has been reported in South Africa, but, the problem presented in the report is of world wide importance. Therefore, the report has massive importance, especially for them who are deeply stressed and who never demonstrated their feelings and emotions with others. The curative call center solution is a good help for them to share their stress and mental/bipolar disorder.

In short, the selected article is about the depression due to messed life and stress of job loss, debt and mental disorder and its cure through curative conversation. The instance in the report best covers the insight of article “For example, a man might lose his job and feel a bit depressed about it and in the past he would probably internalise his feelings and become aggressive… but now he knows he can phone in and talk about what he’s feeling.”

My opinion

My opinion is the same as described in the article. I also believe that through conversation and making your tensions public would helps to sort out more than one solutions. And, then the solutions will help you to take the best decision as well as to relax yourself in the time of hyper tension and bipolar disorder.

Hereinafter, the psychological therapy or cure through communication presented in the article is extremely realistic and solute. Therefore, this scientific and modern way of treatment of bipolar and mental disorder and distress must be implemented all around the world. Since, the problem is not South Africa specific, therefore, the psychological therapy or cure through communication should be encouraged all around the world to reduce the stress and mental disorders from the world’s societies.

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