Children Nutrition Education

With the increasing rates of children obesity an intense need for promotion of the health of the children is highly important. Children nutrition is a key unit that contributes to obesity and other health deficiencies to the children.


The key domain under the topic falls is nutrition. Through the study of dieting and eating behaviours the subject brings insight on the effects of the eating behaviour to a child. Most importantly, the domain helps build focus on nutrition based health conditions and how they can be addressed or prevented through proper child nutrition programs.

Target Population

The target population of the learning opportunity seeks to reach two major groups, the parents and schools. The choice of the target is based on the close people to a child, the people who offer care to the child and majority of the time spent by the child. It is with no doubt the two significant fields that takes the time of a child is the school program and home context (Nestlé Nutrition Workshop, 2008).

  • Schools: It is common that schools offer meals to children as they spend majority of the time at school. The unit therefore, potentially influences the nature of administered to the child. In the school context the members of administration serve as the target population as they influence the decisions and the meal routines in the school program (Bexter, 2009).
  • Parents or Guardians: the parents are key determinants of the type of food that the child consumes and the frequency of the meals as they are the primary care givers for the child.


The general objective of the activity is to offer education on adequate nutrition for the children. The target goal of the objective is to improve the quality of health of the child.

Enabling Objective

The specific objectives are as follows

  • Ensure proper dieting for the children both at home and while at school is achieved
  • Ensure adequate amount administration of food to all children in the society
  • Reduce the nutrition health related conditions among the children through integration of proper child nutrition

Other significant objectives is to influence the policy formulation on the adequate children nutrition programs especially in the school programs. Additionally, is to improve the quality of health for the children in the society through the provision of adequate diets to a child.

Introduction of Lesson

Introduction of the lesson will begin with a power point slide presentation that shows the severity of the nutrition-based diseases among children and the statistics. The strategy is valuable in capturing the attention of the target audience and creating the relevance of the need for proper nutrition (Contento, 2011). Furthermore, the lesson will involve the engagement of the target audience to help gauge the understanding of adequate child nutrition through simple questions. The lesson will later proceed with offering insight on the clear definition of child nutrition and offering strategies to improve the nutrition and diets for a child.

Description of Implementation Procedure

The strategy to facilitate the child nutrition learning opportunity program is through education on the following attributes. Firstly, is through building a comprehensive understanding of what is child nutrition. Secondly, is through showing the significance of proper child nutrition and the consequences. Thirdly, is through analysing the strategies through which child nutrition can be promoted (Martoz, 2013). Additionally, emphasize on the need to promote good eating habits and the diseases associated with nutrition based context. The approach will serve significance to create an impact on improvement of eating behaviors at home and at school.

List of Materials Needed

The key materials that will facilitate the program includes

  • A computer: to facilitate preparation and presentation of the project
  • Projector: to facilitate presentation of the project

Examples of Materials to be used

For the case of the computer, applications like Microsoft Power Point will help in preparation of the project. Additionally, worksheets are effective in data accumulation for the statistics presentations.