Child Neglect or Abuse

Counselors, teachers, and all the people that come in contact most of the time with the children are supposed to observe them and also any person who suspects of any child’s abuse or neglect should report to the welfare agency for the local child or to the police in some cases. This method is effective because the names of those that report these cases are kept confidential. In the case of the welfare agency, there are people who receive phone calls all day.

The accusations made on child abuse are dealt with immediately

The police and also the social workers go to visit the children in question and also provide medical attention if need be. The social officials carry out investigations to ensure that the accusations have basis and if they do, the child in question is taken away from the family or the abuser is taken away from the family.

The limitations to this method are; the reporters may shy away from reporting this matters against the will of the children in fear that the child may end up separated from the only family that they know. The process may take long while the child continues to suffer. The reporter may be put on hold while calling for so long that they may give up. Those people supposed to report the abuse might be the people abusing them. It is difficult for the reporters to give wrong information based on one instance case. The social workers may face uncooperative family members which make the process difficult and also time wasting.

Recommendations would be that every problem should be dealt with by a professional on that field. The offices should be evenly distributed in the states to save time in reporting the cases. There should be maximum protection to those that report the cases. These cases should be given priorities in the courts in order to solve the problems as first as possible. Teachers should follow up behaviors of the child to check for consistency in behavior and not judge for one time instance.

In conclusion, this method is effective since it is able to reduce the number of children under abuse or those neglected by providing a safe environment for them or by protecting them, Since it instills some sort of fear in parents and also other potential abusers since they are aware that action will be taken against all offenders once proved guilty.


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