Characteristics of a Good Teacher

A teacher is a professional who provides instruction to learners in a learning institution. Professional teachers offer formal education in schools, and they possess credentials to prove their qualification. Credentials are acquired from universities and colleges that train teachers. A professional teacher is organized in presentation and must use a proper lesson plan. A teacher facilitates organized learning by using a lesson plan as it outlines the schedule of study in a syllabus. A good teacher goes through every topic in the syllabus, without any omission, for students to understand. A teacher also gets an overview on what content is vital for learners in order to attain the intended objective.

A qualified teacher is competent for learners to realize the learning objectives at any given level. A teacher should be aware that learners in the classroom have different capabilities; therefore, patience is vital. The objective of every learner is to improve intellectually and acquire good grades. A teacher should convey well-constructed information in a simple language understandable to every learner. A good teacher can devise some incentives to motivate the learners.

A professional teacher should hold a pleasing personality. This illustrates the teacher’s ability to adhere to the code of ethics in the school. In the classroom, learners expect to be treated with respect by their teachers. A well-mannered teacher is concerned enough to solve their issues. Learners also believe that a respectful teacher trusts their actions. When trust is built between the teacher and the learners, they work with honesty. A teacher with good morals builds healthy relationships with students. This facilitates success academically among the students.

Teaching ability among teachers differs because teaching expertise varies. Teachers are exposed to learning programs in order to gain knowledge on how to treat learners. This creates a clear boundary between good and bad teaching methods. Bad teaching methods illustrate lack of professionalism. Bad teaching creates unhealthy relationship between the teacher and the students. Bad teaching creates a disorganized method of learning; a teacher may create a lesson plan, and fail to adhere to it.

Teachers acquire excellent teaching through continuous learning. This learning occurs from learning institutions and familiarity in the career field. In institutions offering training to teachers, one learns to teach like a science. Teachers learn practically from their experiences in the career field. They learn new things over time, which can be frustrating. Teachers learn new methods of handling learners as times evolve in order to facilitate proper learning. Therefore, teaching skills, mostly acquired through learning, are perfected by experience and willingness by teachers to change. A good teacher always involves students in the learning-teaching process. A teacher must show command in explaining new concepts to students.


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