Behavior Question

A local hospital in the university has been lacking blood and of late one of our students visited the hospital and as a result he died due to lack of blood. Due to this incident, our well wishers club came up with a theme “Come, Save A Life by Donating Blood” to convince the community surrounding the university and our own fellow students to come join hands and donate blood as charity to assist those patients who needed blood so urgently.

In order to achieve this, we designed burners, posters and fliers and organized some members of our club to move around the community as they carried some burners with fliers to give out. Other groups took the responsibility of sticking the posters everywhere for the message to be read by the passerby while a few took the responsibility of updating the websites especially using the social Medias networks and media houses to pass the message to their fellow friends.

To our surprise and that of the school, we got some positive responses from those members of the community that surrounds the university and students and lots of surprises were, the message had spread everywhere like fire and had reached one of the local organizations that deal with the health matters which decided to be part and parcel of our exercise. On the eventful day, the university compound was packed up from early in the morning with people lining up not wanting to miss a chance of saving a life of one person who lacked a certain blood group.

However, at the end of the day, the exercise had been completed successful with us having in mind that our group had achieved what the university didn’t expect and we were congratulated with that brave idea.


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