Article Outline

Thesis Statement: The article showcases how modern relationships differ from the arranged and limited relationships of the past as contemporaries have more data and options to find a perfect mate, but often do not understand what they want in romance. 

  1. Introduction: Author’s parents have had a successful arranged marriage

    1. It has always fascinated the author
  2. Body

    1. Author compares his indecisiveness in trivial things to the ones of his parents decades ago regarding marriage.

      1. People tend to have more choices now in terms of relationships
    2. People have different definitions of a happy relationship or marriage
    3. Smartphone culture has completely shifted modern dating.

      1. People can choose whoever they want around themselves and retrieve information about these individuals quickly.
      2. People get more selective.
      3. More choices is not necessarily a good option as there are those who are satisfied with people they meet, and there are those who strive for the best.
    4. People have a hard time determining what they are looking for in soulmates.
    5. Modern dating has changed the time paradigm as relationships require time and patience.


      1. People tend to go headstrong in relationships and quickly lose interests.
      2. Modern relationships should focus more on making an effort.
  3. Conclusion: Author foreshadows his book by describing his observations of other couples