Academic Success

For a long duration of time academic success has been defined in different ways. In the past centuries, people thought that to be successful in academic only entails the excellence in academic issues, but currently, academic success is more tan books. For a student to be successful in academics, he or she should know more than just reading, writing or good in calculations (Zins 125). The students who have been categorized as successful in education in the 21st century are those who know more than just the usual academic aspects. Success in academic issues involves being smart in analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information that has been obtained (Strong 103).

Another feature that marks a successful student is one who can communicate with others more effectively especially the teachers who are supposed to guide him or her. Without good communication skills any student can loose a lot, as it will be hard for him or her to express his or her ideas (Merino 22). Another important aspect that contributes to academic success iis the ability for one to work in culturally different settings, as this would open more opportunities for this student to interact with different types of people and learn more from them. It’s good for any student to balance his academic and his social lies as both of them are very crucial.


Academic success is very important as it results to positive outcomes that all of us look forward to achieve (Badke 45). According to several researches done, there is evident that people who are successful in academic get the good types of employment and are in position to earn high and good salaries. Academic success also helps people to deal and work effectively with the advanced technology that is all over the world. Without acquiring good level of education it would be hard for one to survive well in this world full of new and advanced technology. There are more advantages that are associated with people who have acquired academic success for instance good health (Neon 12).

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